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FSPN - Worlds Edition - Preview, Odds, Pick'Em!

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The Innocent Cup!

From Jun 1 through Jun 30 earn glory and increase your player rank! More info »

Global Top 20

Rank Competitor Competitor Tier

# 1

jaysfan55 Infinity Go, Icy Wind, Barrie, ON

# 2

ASprescelto #EatPastasciutta, Napoli

# 3


# 4

Reis2Occasion Milwaukee, WI

# 5

CyraxDarwin #EatPastasciutta, Napoli

# 6

Sebasmalito BJz Fearless, San Miguel, Perú

# 7

Rhyblet Wing Attack, Sammamish, WA

# 8

wdage Raleigh, Carolina

# 9

CrisRodgz27 Raising Forest Team - Ciudad de México

# 10


# 11

13gioppy37 #EatPastasciutta, Emilia Romagna

# 12

WhiteGiu Grim Worms of SBT

# 13

Emili0oxxx Santiago

# 14

Stonecollection Essen

# 15

PvpDavid07 Stockholm, TEA & PIZZA

# 16

flyingpizza1 Mesa, AZ

# 17


# 18

Nickname29585 Gdańsk

# 19

JersonSanks Juliaca, Perú Legends

# 20


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2,500+ League Venues

Thousands of local community leaders around the world are are licensed to host accredited Silph Arena Tournaments at meetups in their cities via their membership in the Silph League. makes it easy to compete and easy to host. Battle victories in any Arena Tournament count towards your stats!

Player Tiers & Rank

Competing and winning in local Silph Arena Tournaments increases your Player Tier, your local and regional Rank, and may even earn you a coveted invitation to compete at Regional and World Invitationals! Your historical stats and Player Tier are displayed on your player profile!

Monthly Themed Cups

Communities around the world can join the Arena's global Themed Cup each month by hosting a Cup Tournament (with special rules) - perfect for Community Day meetups! Earn mementos in your public Trophy Case by competing. Local tournament champions might even snag special limited-run physical collectibles.

For more information about the Arena's current Cup, give this a read:
Innocent Cup »

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I'm a leader of my local Discord or Telegram group. How do I make our local PvP tournaments accredited?

If you're a member of the Silph League, all you need to do is log in to with your Silph Road account and create your tournament through the free tournament software. It will help you create, run, and conclude local tournaments simply and easily!

2. Where can I see my trophy case, historical stats, and Player Tier?

Starting January 6th, these will be displayed on your player profile (your Silph Travelers Card!) once you have competed in a Silph Arena Tournament.

3. How often can I compete in Silph Arena tournaments to help improve my rank and Player Tier?

The vast majority of your player rank will be determined by your performance in the monthly, global Cups - but non-Cup tournaments played under Arena Rules can help increase player rank to a small degree up to 10 times per month. For more detailed information about player rank, read the Guide to Player Rank.

4. Is the Arena launched? When can we host and play in tournaments?

Yes! Though still in beta, the Arena is available to all League admins to host tournaments in their communities. Season 1 opened for ranked play on January 6th, 2019.

5. Is there a minimum or maximum number of tournament participants?

Arena tournaments require at least 8 participants, and currently have NO maximum participant count.

6. I have questions about Pokemon GO's PvP mechanics...

The Silph Road has compiled a mechanic summary here: Pokemon PvP Mechanics (Reddit)

7. I'm a community leader, but we don't use Telegram or Discord. Can we still host authorized Arena tournaments?

At present, you will have to create a Discord or Telegram for yourself and your tournament staff so you can be authorized. Your tournament participants do not need to join the Discord/Telegram - it only serves to verify your own status as a Community Leader to the Silph Road bot. Then you can use to run any actual tournaments!

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