The Silph Arena API

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The Silph Arena will use this page to document public-access API endpoints for use by the community.

Remember, this is a free work-in-progress resource provided as-is, with no guarantees (whatsoever!).

Expect Outages & Breaking Changes! The public Arena API should be considered experimental. No guarantee is made for continued maintenance, uptime, or performance. Code defensively!

Cup Meta Stats

URL Format:{slug}/stats

The Cup meta stats endpoint takes a Cup slug (e.g. sinister, jungle, etc) and returns a feed (in JSON format) of the most commonly occurring Pokemon in a Cup, broken down into four feeds:

  1. all: The most common species occurring in matchups across the entire duration of the Cup, no exclusions
  2. all1Week: The most common species occurring in Cup matchups in the trailing 7 days
  3. victors: The most common species occurring in matchups across the entire duration of the Cup - but only drawing from matchup winners' battle teams.
  4. victors1Week: The most common species occurring in matchup winners' battle teams in the trailing 7 days.

Inside each of the four feed objects, data is a simple object with the following structure:

  "steelix": {"percent":19,"name":"Steelix"},
  "poliwrath": {"percent":14,"name":"Poliwrath"},
  "marowak-alola": {"percent":11,"name":"Alolan Marowak"},
Rate Limit:10 requests every 10 minutes

Please use this endpoint responsibly. Do not request this data more frequently than 10 times every 10 minutes. Data is updated roughly once per hour, though there are very few use cases which require this data in increments as frequently as that. If we detect abuse, countermeasures will be taken. So please be responsible & respectful. <3


If you utilize data from in your application, infographic, or other material, a citation or hyperlink to or the Silph Arena must be included.

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