Silph Arena Factions

What are Factions?

The Silph Arena Factions is a team-based competitive Pokemon Go PvP League where competitors work together to prove their skills on various battlefields. Started in May 2021, teams, also known as Factions, compete in weekly bouts to showcase their teamwork and strategy, and show fellow competitors and spectators alike who is truly the very best. If you think you have what it takes to compete, gather your friends to create your own Faction and join the battle!

Arena Factions Format

Each Faction is composed of 8 members – 7 Specialists and 1 (optional) Alternate.

The specialists are divided in 3 Open League specialists (Great, Ultra & Master) and 4 Field Specialists

The Great, Ultra, and Master League specialists will battle in their respective leagues (with a few restrictions), but each Field Specialist will compete using a special rotating meta called a Battlefield. At the start of the season, all 4 Field Specialists will use the same meta, but over time, there may be more than one Battlefield active at a time!

Each bout will consist of seven 3-battle matches (1 per team member). Winning a single battle earns your team 1 point, for a total of 21 possible points per bout. The team with the most points wins!

Cycles & Bouts

Cycles will be further broken down into bouts. The number of bouts played each Cycle could change depending on the number of teams participating and what tier you are in. A bout, most simply put, is the full collection of matches that your team plays against another.

Teams will play 1 bout every week. Your team will be matched against an opponent from within your region, and you will have the full week to complete your matches.

MONDAY: SET YOUR POSITIONS: After receiving your opponent, your team will have 1 day to decide whether to swap in your substitute for one of your Specialists.

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: SET YOUR ROSTERS: After your positions are set, your team will have 2 days to make any changes to their rosters of 6 Pokémon. Competitors only need to re-register if you’re making changes to their roster, the system will automatically register the same team as the previous bout if no changes are made.

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: BATTLE! After rosters are set, lineups will be revealed to your opponents and the battles can begin! The rest of the week is dedicated to scheduling with your opponent and completing your matches.

No Ongoing Cycles. Check back soon!

Season 1 - Cycle 2 - Diamond

North America's Diamond Cycle

EMEA's Diamond Cycle

Ciclo Diamante de Latinoamerica

APAC's Diamond Cycle