Silph Arena Fraktionen

Was sind Fraktionen?

Silph Arena Fraktionen ist eine teambasierte Pokemon Go PvP Liga, in der Konkurrenten zusammenarbeiten, um ihre Fähigkeiten auf verschiedenen Schlachtfeldern unter Beweis zu stellen. Ab Mai 2021 treten Teams, auch Fraktionen genannt, in wöchentlichen Runden gegeneinander an, um ihre Teamarbeit und Strategie zu demonstrieren und Mitbewerbern und Zuschauern zu zeigen, wer wirklich die Allerbesten sind. Wenn Du denkst, du hast das Zeug am Wettkampf teilzunehmen, bring Deine Freunde zusammen, um deine eigene Fraktion zu kreieren und am Kampf teilzunehmen!

Format der Arena Fraktionen

Each Faction is composed of up to 10 members – 7 Specialists and 3 (optional) Alternates

The specialists are divided into 3 Open League specialists (Great, Ultra & Master) and 4 Field Specialists

The Great, Ultra, and Master League specialists will battle in their respective leagues (with a few restrictions), but each Field Specialist will compete using a special rotating meta called a Battlefield. There may even be more than one Battlefield active at a time!

Zyklen & Runden

Factions Season 2 will feature 4 Cycles, each being 9 bouts (weeks) long. Factions will be organized into tiers (Open, Iron, Copper, Bronze, Silver, etc.), with the Open Tier competing in Swiss style bracket, and upper tiers competing in a Round Robin bracket. At the end of the 9th bout, the highest performing Factions in each tier will have their chance to be promoted to a higher tier during the Relegation Bout.

Jede Runde besteht aus sieben 3-Kampf-Matches (1 pro Teammitglied). Für jeden gewonnenen Kampf erhält Dein Team 1 Punkt, was insgesamt 21 möglichen Punkten pro Runde entspricht. Das Team mit den meisten Punkten gewinnt!

Teams will play 1 bout every week. Your team will be matched against an opponent from within your region and tier, and you will have the full week to complete your matches.

BREAK DAY: Mondays will serve as a break between bouts. Do your laundry, take a nap, and get yourself pumped up for your battles!

TUESDAY: SET YOUR POSITIONS: Once you receive your opponent, your Factions will have 1 day to decide whether to swap any of your teammates to a new position.

WEDNESDAY: SET YOUR ROSTERS: After positions are set, your Faction will have 1 day to make any changes to their rosters of 6 Pokémon. Competitors only need to re-register if you’re making changes to your roster, the system will automatically register the same team as the previous bout—as long as you are playing the same position as the previous week, and have not been moved from your slot—even if you are replaced into the same one.

DONNERSTAG–SONNTAG: KÄMPFE! Nachdem die Teams festgelegt sind, werden die Aufstellungen Deinen Gegnern angezeigt und die Kämpfe können beginnen! Der Rest der Woche ist der Zeitplanung mit Deinem Gegner und dem Abschluss Deine Matche gewidmet.

Faction Tiers

During the regular Season, Factions will be organized into different tiers based on their skill level. There will be a maximum of 9 tiers in each conference, with most tiers containing 10 Factions.

The top 8 tiers will have 10 Factions each and compete in a Round Robin style bracket. The last tier, Open, will be each be made up of the remaining Factions and use the Swiss system to determine their weekly matchups. This last tier may be scaled or eliminated as participation demands, and some of the lower round robin tiers may be removed in less populous regions.

At the end of each Cycle, the highest performing Factions in each tier will have their chance to be promoted to a higher tier, while lower performers will be relegated down. In most cases, the top 2 Factions (1st to 3rd place) will automatically move up and the bottom 2 (8th to 10th place) will move down. 4th to 7th place Factions automatically stay in their tiers for the next Cycle.

The exception to this rule happens in the Iron tier. In order to promote more opportunities to move into the upper tiers, the top 4 Open Tier Factions will automatically be promoted to the Iron Tier.

Season 1 - World Championship

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Emerald

North America's Emerald Cycle

APAC's Emerald Cycle

EMEA's Emerald Cycle

Ciclo Esmeralda de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Diamond

North America's Diamond Cycle

APAC's Diamond Cycle

EMEA's Diamond Cycle

Ciclo Diamante de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Platinum

North America's Platinum Cycle

APAC's Platinum Cycle

EMEA's Platinum Cycle

Ciclo Platino de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Gold

North America's Gold Cycle

EMEA's Gold Cycle

Ciclo Oro de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Silver

North America's Silver Cycle

EMEA's Silver Cycle

Ciclo Plata de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Bronze

North America's Bronze Cycle

EMEA's Bronze Cycle

Ciclo Bronce de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Copper

North America's Copper Cycle

EMEA's Copper Cycle

Ciclo Cobre de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Iron

North America's Iron Cycle

EMEA's Iron Cycle

Ciclo Hierro de Latinoamerica

Season 2 - Cycle 3 - Open

North America's Open Cycle

EMEA's Open Cycle

APAC's Open Cycle

Ciclo Abierto de Latinoamerica

Keine Anstehende Zyklen. Schau bald wieder vorbei!


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Regeln der Arena Fraktionen

Factions follow the rules and procedures in the standard Arena Rules (, except that they are complemented by the following Factions Rules, which take precedence whenever the two disagree.

1. Eligibility

Factions must have no less than 7 Members in order to register for competition (Alternates are optional). One Member must be designated as the Captain. Competitors may only be a Member of one Faction at a time. All Faction Members must be ranked in the Silph Arena at the time of registration to a given Cycle.

2. Format

Factions will compete against one another, organized by Tier according to past performance within their conference.

  • A Bout consists of a set of matches, one for each of the 7 Specialists: 3 Open League Specialists (Great, Ultra, and Master) and 4 Field Specialists.
  • A Cycle is a collection of Bouts, in which Factions will face others in the same Tier. Faction Members that can be assigned as Specialists are locked at the moment of registration to a given Cycle, and cannot be changed until the cycle ends.
  • Promotion/Relegation: At Cycle end, Factions will be promoted or demoted based on performance. The Cycle may include a final Bout designed explicitly for this purpose.
  • A Season in Factions is a collection of Cycles. At the conclusion of a Season, Tiers may be reset.

3. Hidden Information, Outside Assistance, and Coaching

FFaction Members registered in an active Cycle may provide assistance to their teammates, including the use of simulations and active coaching, before, during, and after the course of gameplay. Faction Members may not otherwise receive Outside Assistance, or seek out Hidden Information not readily available to the public. Scrimmaging with people outside their Faction is permitted nonetheless.

4. Battle Teams/Pokémon Registration

Battle Teams may be changed every bout and they must comply with the meta in the Specialist’s position. Pokémon registration and use follow the Silph Arena Rules, with a few exceptions:

  • Specialists are not required to register the actual CP of their Pokémon.
  • Specialists are free to TM movesets up until the start of the first battle of their Bout.

Once the match begins, no changes may be made to the six (6) individual Pokémon to be used in battle and only one Pokémon may be used at its Best Buddy boosted CP during a match. Any such changes will be interpreted as Cheating.

5. Communication and Coordination

Faction Captains are required to join the Silph Arena Tournaments server to communicate with the Arena and opponents. Opposing Captains must jointly find a method of communication to coordinate matches. If they cannot mutually agree on an alternative, the Silph Arena Tournaments server will be the default method.

Communication must be prompt:

  • Faction Captains must contact the opposing Captain no later than 24 hours after Faction pairings are revealed.
  • Specialists must contact their opponent no later than 24 hours after individual pairings are revealed.

Communication and coordination must be ongoing:

  • Both Captains and Specialists must respond to opponents’ queries within a reasonable amount of time until all battles have been successfully completed.
  • Specialists should inform their Captain of any communication, coordination, or other problems as soon as possible. Captains should promptly contact the opposing Captain, and subsequently the Arena Referees if necessary, to address these problems.

6. Captain Responsibilities

In addition to performing the internal administrative tasks of their Faction (such as assigning Faction Members to Specialist positions), which may also be performed by the Faction owner, Captains are the central point of contact with other Factions, Arena Referees, and Arena Staff. As such, their duties extend beyond their duties as Competitors, including but not limited to:

  • Managing the interactions between opposing Factions.
  • Ensuring their teammates understand and abide by the Silph Arena and Factions Rules.
  • Assisting their teammates in the event of coordination or other types of issues.
  • Reviewing potential technical issues brought up by their teammates.
  • Promptly filing a Dispute whenever an issue arises that cannot be resolved by the involved Specialists or by the Captains (e.g., Battle Team registration errors, coordination failures, emergency substitutions, concessions, technical malfunctions, misreported scores, etc).
  • Responding to requests by the Arena Referees for evidence in relation to a Dispute or any other information relevant to Factions.

7. Disputes

Faction Captains must contact the opposing Captain and attempt to resolve any issues that arise during a Bout. If they cannot reach an agreement or otherwise require an official action or ruling by the Arena Referees, they should submit a Dispute following the protocol specified in the Silph Arena Tournaments server. Another Faction Member may submit a Dispute if their Captain is unable to do so. The Arena Referees will communicate their rulings to the relevant Faction Captain(s) within 72 hours of evidence submission. All rulings are final.

Given that Factions is a Special Tournament and Dispute rulings are made exclusively by Arena Referees, some notable differences with respect to dispute resolution in other Silph Arena Tournaments include, but are not limited to:

  • The Arena Referees may ask for Individual Values (IVs) of Pokémon used in Factions. Specialists must provide this information if requested in relation to a technical Dispute.
  • The Arena Referees may adjudicate a win to one of the Specialists (a battle win even though the journal shows a loss). A win may only be adjudicated to a Specialist who had the battle win secured in their favor at the time of the technical malfunction. Adjudicating a win requires a unanimous vote by no less than five (5) Arena Referees.

In the case of disagreement regarding the significance of a technical malfunction on the outcome of a battle, the Specialists must immediately play a provisional rematch of that battle, and then the rest of their outstanding battles. A rematch is presumed to be a provisional rematch in this respect, unless the Specialists clearly agree about the significance of the technical malfunction and thus restart that game. If the first provisional rematch encounters another potential technical malfunction, a second provisional rematch must be played. If following the rematch(es) Specialists still disagree about the outcome of the battle, they must forward the case to their Captains for review. If the Captains cannot agree, they should submit a Dispute to the Arena Referees. Specialists and Captains should consider the possibility of the Arena Referees adjudicating a win, even if the Specialist loses the provisional rematch, in their deliberations. Factions may be penalized for submitting clearly frivolous Disputes.

8. Streaming

Factions are allowed and encouraged to stream their battles themselves, or work with a third party to produce, edit, shoutcast, and broadcast them.

9. Emergency Substitutions

The Arena may define a limited number of Emergency Substitutions per Cycle, which will be granted to each registered Faction. Using an Emergency Substitution means allowing a Faction Member that is allowed to be assigned to a Specialist position in the current Cycle, but has not been assigned to a Specialist position in the current Bout, to play as a substitute for a teammate who has been assigned to a Specialist position in the current Bout. The substitute is restricted to the Battle Team registered by their teammate in every respect, including Shadow status. A Faction must immediately notify the opposing Faction and subsequently the Arena Referees of their intent to use an Emergency Substitution.

10. Names and logos

The Arena reserves the right to remove Factions from an ongoing Cycle in order to edit or remove Faction names and logos. For example, if these are:

  • Protected by third-party rights without written permission,
  • Brand or trademarked materials,
  • Defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, or other hate speech, terms, or imagery. Including alternative spellings to avoid these terms.

Häufig gestellte Fragen


Kann eine Person gleichzeitig mehrere Fraktionen verwalten?

Ja! Du kannst mehrere Fraktionen erstellen und verwalten. Du kannst jedoch jeweils nur auf der Liste einer Fraktion stehen.

Kann ich mehrere Fraktionen verwalten, die in verschiedenen Regionen spielen?

Ja, Du kannst mehrere Fraktionen verwalten, unabhängig davon, ob sie in verschiedenen Regionen spielen.

Kann ich der Fraktionskapitän für mehrere Fraktionen sein?

Spieler dürfen jeweils nur an einer Fraktion teilnehmen. Daher kannst Du nicht für mehrere Fraktionen Fraktionskapitän sein.

Kann ich meine Fraktion an eine andere Person übertragen?

Nein, eine Fraktion ist nicht übertragbar.

Kann ich den Fraktionskapitän in einen anderen ändern?

Yes, the Faction Manager may change the Faction Captain at any time. If you are currently competing in a Cycle, the existing Faction Captain will remain the Captain for that Cycle, while the new Faction Captain will be the Captain for any new Cycles.

Can I add or remove players from my Faction?

Yes, the Faction Manager or Captain may add or remove a player at any time. If you are currently competing in a Cycle, any changes to your team Roster will not be reflected in that Cycle.

Wo kann ich die von mir erstellten Fraktionen anzeigen?

Du kannst alle von Dir verwalteten Fraktionen im Abschnitt „Meine Fraktionen“ unter dem Navigationstabs „Admin“ sehen. Versuche, Dich abzumelden und wieder anzumelden, wenn es nicht sichtbar ist.


Kann ich in mehr als einer Fraktion spielen? Und wenn sie in verschiedenen Regionen spielen?

Spieler dürfen unabhängig von der Region jeweils nur für eine Fraktion spielen. Du kannst während eines Zyklus nur in einer Fraktion und in einer Region spielen.

Kann ich meine Rolle innerhalb meiner Fraktion ändern?

Yes, players are allowed to change roles at any time. While competing in a Cycle, the Faction Captain will assign players to each of the 7 positions at the beginning of each Bout. During this time, any player can be assigned to one of the 7 positions, regardless of their role. Once the Bout begins, players are locked into their assigned position for the duration of that Bout.

Kann ich in Fraktionen spielen, wenn ich nicht in der Silph Arena spiele? Kann ich in Fraktionen spielen, wenn ich noch nie in der Silph Arena gespielt habe?

Yes! Players are not required to have participated in any Silph Arena activities in the past. The only requirement is participants must create a Travelers Card and log into Silph.GG in order to join a Faction and participate.

Wie akzeptiere ich eine Einladung zu einer Fraktion?

The Faction Manager should provide you with a link to their Faction's page. Make sure you are logged into Silph.GG then visit that link and you will see an option to accept or decline the invite.

Wo kann ich meine Fraktion anzeigen?

Du kannst die Fraktion, für die Du spielst, unter dem Navigationstab „Ich“ sehen. Versuche, Dich abzumelden und wieder anzumelden, wenn es nicht sichtbar ist.


Wo, wann und wie kann ich mich für Fraktionen anmelden?

In order to participate, you must first create or join a Faction and recruit at least 7 players, and maximum of 10 players. Once you meet this requirement, you can RSVP for your region's next Cycle and assign players to their respective roles. Once your Faction has done this, you can participate in the upcoming Cycle.

Wie lange wird Fraktionen andauern?

Fraktionen werden ein permanentes Format sein. Es ist in Saisons, Zyklen, Runden und Matches unterteilt. Jede Saison besteht aus Zyklen, und jeder Zyklus besteht aus Runden, die die Anzahl der Wochen sind, in denen sich die Teams gegenüberstehen. Jede Runde dauert eine Woche und endet, sobald alle Teams gegeneinander antreten und ihre 7 Spieler sich in ihren jeweiligen Rollen gegenüberstehen.

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