Silph Arena Factions

What are Factions?

The Silph Arena Factions is a team-based competitive Pokemon Go PvP League where competitors work together to prove their skills on various battlefields. Started in May 2021, teams, also known as Factions, compete in weekly bouts to showcase their teamwork and strategy, and show fellow competitors and spectators alike who is truly the very best. If you think you have what it takes to compete, gather your friends to create your own Faction and join the battle!

Arena Factions Format

Each Faction is composed of up to 9 members – 7 Specialists and 2 (optional) Alternates.

The specialists are divided into 3 Open League specialists (Great, Ultra & Master) and 4 Field Specialists

The Great, Ultra, and Master League specialists will battle in their respective leagues (with a few restrictions), but each Field Specialist will compete using a special rotating meta called a Battlefield. There may even be more than one Battlefield active at a time!

Cycles & Bouts

Factions Season 1 will feature 3 Cycles, each being 7 bouts (weeks) long. Factions will be organized into tiers (Qualifying, Open, Bronze, Silver, etc.), with the Qualifying/Open Tiers competing in Swiss style bracket, and upper tiers competing in a Round Robin bracket. At the end of the 7th bout, the highest performing Factions in each tier will have their chance to be promoted to a higher tier during the Relegation Bout.

Each bout will consist of seven 3-battle matches (1 per team member). Winning a single battle earns your team 1 point, for a total of 21 possible points per bout. The team with the most points wins!

Teams will play 1 bout every week. Your team will be matched against an opponent from within your region and tier, and you will have the full week to complete your matches.

BREAK DAY: Mondays will serve as a break between bouts. Do your laundry, take a nap, and get yourself pumped up for your battles!

TUESDAY: SET YOUR POSITIONS: Once you receive your opponent, your Factions will have 1 day to decide whether to swap any of your teammates to a new position.

WEDNESDAY: SET YOUR ROSTERS: After positions are set, your Faction will have 1 day to make any changes to their rosters of 6 Pokémon. Competitors only need to re-register if you’re making changes to your roster, the system will automatically register the same team as the previous bout—as long as you are playing the same position as the previous week, and have not been moved from your slot—even if you are replaced into the same one.

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: BATTLE! After rosters are set, lineups will be revealed to your opponents and the battles can begin! The rest of the week is dedicated to scheduling with your opponent and completing your matches.

Faction Tiers

During the regular Season, Factions will be organized into different tiers based on their skill level. There will be a maximum of 7 tiers in each region, with most tiers containing 8 Factions.

The top 5 tiers will have 8 Factions each and compete in a Round Robin style bracket. The last tiers, Open and Qualifying, will be each be made up of 50% of the remaining Factions and use the Swiss system to determine their weekly matchups. These last two tiers may be scaled or eliminated as participation demands, and some of the lower round robin tiers may be removed in less populous regions.

At the end of each Cycle, the highest performing Factions in each tier will have their chance to be promoted to a higher tier, while lower performers will be relegated down. In most cases, the top 2 Factions (1st and 2nd place) will automatically move up and the bottom 2 (7th and 8th place) will move down. The 3rd place Faction will battle the 6th place Faction in the tier above them in a Relegation Bout to decide if they move up or stay in place. 4th and 5th place Factions automatically stay in their tiers for the next Cycle.

The exception to this rule happens in the Bronze tier. In order to promote more opportunities to move into the upper tiers, the top 3 Open Tier Factions will automatically be promoted to the Bronze Tier. In addition, the top 50% of Factions in the Qualifying Tier will be promoted to the Open Tier, where the bottom 50% of Open will return to Qualifying.

No Ongoing Cycles. Check back soon!

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Diamond

North America's Diamond Cycle

APAC's Diamond Cycle

EMEA's Diamond Cycle

Ciclo Diamante de Latinoamerica

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Platinum

North America's Platinum Cycle

APAC's Platinum Cycle

EMEA's Platinum Cycle

Ciclo Platino de Latinoamerica

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Gold

North America's Gold Cycle

APAC's Gold Cycle

EMEA's Gold Cycle

Ciclo Oro de Latinoamerica

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Silver

North America's Silver Cycle

EMEA's Silver Cycle

Ciclo Plata de Latinoamerica

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Bronze

North America's Bronze Cycle

EMEA's Bronze Cycle

Ciclo Bronce de Latinoamerica

Season 1 - Cycle 3 - Qualifiers

North America's Open Cycle

EMEA's Open Cycle

APAC's Open Cycle

Ciclo Abierto de Latinoamerica


Arena Factions Rules

Factions follow the rules and procedures in the standard Arena Rules (, except that they are complemented by the following Factions Rules, which take precedence whenever the two disagree.

1. Eligibility

Factions must have no less than 7 Members in order to register for competition (Alternates are optional). One Member must be designated as the Captain. Competitors may only be a Member of one Faction at a time. All Faction Members must be ranked in the Silph Arena at the time of registration to a given Cycle.

2. Format

Factions will compete against one another, organized by Tier according to past performance within their conference.

  • A Bout consists of a set of matches, one for each of the 7 Specialists: 3 Open League Specialists (Great, Ultra, and Master) and 4 Field Specialists.
  • A Cycle is a collection of Bouts, in which Factions will face others in the same Tier. Faction Members that can be assigned as Specialists are locked at the moment of registration to a given Cycle, and cannot be changed until the cycle ends.
  • Promotion/Relegation: At Cycle end, Factions will be promoted or demoted based on performance. The Cycle may include a final Bout designed explicitly for this purpose.
  • A Season in Factions is a collection of Cycles. At the conclusion of a Season, Tiers will be reset.

3. Hidden Information, Outside Assistance, and Coaching

Faction Members and their designated Coach (restricted to a single Faction per cycle) may provide assistance before and during each bout, including the use of simulations and active coaching during the course of gameplay. Faction Members may not receive assistance from anyone outside their Faction, or seek out Hidden Information not readily available to the public. Scrimmaging with people outside their Faction—prior to the start of their battles—is permitted nonetheless.

4. Battle Teams/Pokémon Registration

Battle Teams may be changed every bout and they must comply with the meta in the Specialist’s position. Specialists are free to TM movesets up until the start of the first battle of their Bout.

5. Communication and Coordination

Faction Captains are required to join the Silph Arena Tournaments server to communicate with the Arena and opponents. Opposing Captains must jointly find a method of communication to coordinate matches. If they cannot mutually agree on an alternative, the Silph Arena Tournaments server will be the default method.

Communication must be prompt:

  • Faction Captains must contact the opposing Captain no later than 24 hours after Faction pairings are revealed. Specialists must contact their opponent no later than 24 hours after individual pairings are revealed.
  • Specialists should inform their Captain of any coordination problems. Captains should promptly contact the opposing Captain, and subsequently the Arena Referees, to address these problems.

6. Disputes

Faction Captains must contact the opposing Captain and attempt to resolve any issues that arise during a Bout. If they cannot reach an agreement or otherwise require an official action or ruling by the Arena Referees, they should submit a Dispute following the protocol specified in the Silph Arena Tournaments server.

  • Any matter that requires intervention by the Arena Referees must be submitted through a Dispute (e.g., misreported scores, coordination failures, petitioning to be removed from the Cycle, etc.).
  • In the case of disagreement regarding the significance of a technical malfunction on the outcome of a battle, the competitors must immediately play a rematch of that battle, and then the rest of their outstanding battles. If the result of the rematch and original battle are the same, the dispute becomes irrelevant and should not be submitted as either ruling would not change the outcome. If they have a different winner, competitors must forward the case to their Captains for review. If the Captains cannot agree, they should submit a Dispute to the Arena Referees.
  • Arena Referees will communicate their ruling in a Dispute to the relevant Faction Captain(s) within 72 hours of it being submitted. All rulings are final.

7. Streaming

Factions are allowed and encouraged to stream their battles themselves, or work with a third party to produce, edit, shoutcast, and broadcast them.

8. Names and logos

The Arena reserves the right to remove Factions from an ongoing Cycle in order to edit or remove Faction names and logos. For example, if these are:

  • Protected by third-party rights without written permission,
  • Brand or trademarked materials,
  • Defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, discriminatory, or other hate speech, terms, or imagery. Including alternative spellings to avoid these terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faction Captains/Faction Managers:

Can an individual manage multiple Factions at the same time?

Yes! You can create and manage multiple Factions, however you can only be on the roster of one Faction at a time.

Can I manage multiple Factions that play in different regions?

Yes, you may manage multiple Factions, regardless of if they play in different regions.

Can I be the Faction Captain for multiple Factions?

Players are only allowed to participate in one Faction at a time. As such, you can not be Faction Captain for multiple Factions.

Can I transfer my Faction to someone else?

No, a Faction is untransferable.

Can I change Faction Captain to someone else?

Yes, the Faction Manager may change the Faction Captain at any time. If you are currently competing in a Cycle, the existing Faction Captain will remain the Captain for that Cycle, while the new Faction Captain will be the Captain for any new Cycles.

Can I add or remove players from my Faction?

Yes, the Faction Manager or Captain may add or remove a player at any time. If you are currently competing in a Cycle, any changes to your team Roster will not be reflected in that Cycle.

Where can I view the Factions I have created?

You can see all the Factions you manage underneath the "My Factions" section of the "Admin" navigation tab. Try logging out and back in if you don't see it at first.


Can I play on more than one Faction? What if they play in different regions?

Players are only permitted to play for one Faction at a time, regardless of region. You can only play on one Faction, in one region, during any Cycle.

Can I change my role within my Faction?

Yes, players are allowed to change roles at any time. While competing in a Cycle, the Faction Captain will assign players to each of the 7 positions at the beginning of each Bout. During this time, any player can be assigned to one of the 7 positions, regardless of their role. Once the Bout begins, players are locked into their assigned position for the duration of that Bout.

Can I play in Factions if I don’t play in Silph Arena? Can I play in Factions if I have never played in Silph Arena?

Yes! Players are not required to have participated in any Silph Arena activities in the past. The only requirement is participants must create a Travelers Card and log into Silph.GG in order to join a Faction and participate.

How do I accept an invite to a Faction?

The Faction Manager should provide you with a link to their Faction's page. Make sure you are logged into Silph.GG then visit that link and you will see an option to accept or decline the invite.

Where can I view my Faction?

You can see the Faction you play for underneath the "Me" navigation tab. Try logging out and back in if you don't see it at first.


Where, when, and how do I register for Factions?

In order to participate, you must first create or join a Faction and recruit at least 7 players, and maximum of 9 players. Once you meet this requirement, you can RSVP for your region's next Cycle and assign players to their respective roles. Once your Faction has done this, you can participate in the upcoming Cycle.

How long does Factions last?

Factions will be a permanent format. It is divided into Seasons, Cycles, Bouts, and Matches. Each Season is made up of Cycles, and each Cycle is made up of Bouts that are the number of weeks teams will face each other. Each Bout will last one week and will conclude once all teams face-off and their 7 players have faced each other in their respective roles.

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