Questions Part 1!!!!


If you want to ask questions, click on the link at the end of the article. I got a lot this week so it’ll be a two-parter. First part this week, second next week. 


Q: What team confuses you the most in the top five tiers?

A: Ooooh… Um, Stadium Elite when they drop a game out of nowhere that they absolutely need. But the most confusing is iCarly. I don’t know but Season 2 hasn’t been good to them. They’re better than what they’re producing and they’re quickly becoming a gate-keeper team, though not in the way Icy Wind was. 


Q: What’s your least favorite starter Pokemon to play with?

A: In the MSG, Meganium! The worst to team build around in GSC & HGSS, no real offensive capabilities, and if you’re going to use a defensive grass type there’s Ferrothorn, Cradily, Lurantis, & Vileplume. Literally the most replaceable starter for in-game playthroughs (Blastiose in RBY is also in that group but that’s just because of the overwhelming power of Water types in that gen). In POGO, it’s kinda sad to see how useless Infernape is in the game. Not top three in Fire-starters when it comes to raids (mind you, Cinderace & Skeledrige haven’t come through yet, nor has Incineroar gotten Blast Burn), laughed out of the Fighing-type raid discussions, and clunky to use in PVP.


Q: Thoughts on Show 8 Ban 2? Should it be used more often than it is?

A: I love it because it makes some formats that were either too centralized or rps more playable (though that could also do with some move rebalances) and opened up the ones with a deep meta. It should, but my question to that is where? Like World Championships, Global Melees, & Continentals are great spots for it, but the only other place I could see a use for it would be in a draft format (i just gave someone an idea, give me my credit and I’ll hop in it).


Q: Biggest surprise in NA Open

A: So far I’d go Musubi. Hanging in there with the “new bloods.”


Q: Player that poses the biggest threat on each team in Gold?

A: Ohio Nation = Bernie2024, Helmet Heroes = AlphaFeeb, Beamin & Screamin = Escarcegan745, NEB: Udder Madness = GngrGirthQuake, Hoosier Daddies has two in SnoopCat & DanTheMan, Decidueye = KPine, WAB = SlothManSid, D4C = Flipdiesel54, C-U = CytochromeT (talk about the free-agent later), TGU = Gooant


Q: Why did you think Blouses was gonna lose to Hammer Heads?

A: You’ve seen how many times they’ve had comeback wins, right? I alluded to it in last week’s article that they were going to have to make a comeback… I just didn’t expect the comeback to stop at 3-3.


Q: Thoughts on regionally-based/named teams picking up members from outside the area? Is the faction just a name or do you think teams should commit to being based from that region?

A: At this point, unless you’re in a big enough region, it’s just a name. NEB really screwed this up in the grand scheme of things (y’all know damn well Tdifiore1200 doesn’t reside ANYWHERE near the Northeastern states), and we can poke fun at Canadian Shieldon & the “Canadian” Brownballer10, but unless we’re talking about states with multiple teams (California, Texas, Florida, Michigan), we should look at them now as just names.


Q: If you had to switch usernames w/one player per tier, which would it be? 

A: I ain’t gonna lie, I ain’t got time to figure that one out.


Q: How long can the BraveNerds keep the hype train rolling?

A: Til Gold the way they’re playing


Q: Best free agent acquisitions for Cycle 3

A: The best is MRinker for C-U Later.


Q: Top 5 teams that aren’t in Emerald/Diamond that you think will climb there?

A: I’m going to exclude any/all teams that have been in Emerald/Diamond/Platinum this season. Rock Paper Slark (Emerald), BraveNerds (Emerald), Team BTW (Diamond), Stadium Elite Silver (Diamond), & Sharks & Recreation (Diamond) 


Q: Who would win: D4C, ST6, or Subzero and why is it ST6?

A: Now why you tryna get me to discuss family business in public like that?!


Q: Sharks, Nerds, or Slarks?

A: I’ll say either Nerds or Slarks… Gotta see those two play it out again.


Q: Who is getting relegated from Emerald?

A: Looking at the remaining schedule… if they lose this week, Cool Cats. If not, Chicago (that hurts to type).


Q: Should Silph change the way Open Tier is run? Like do you think it’s fair a team could get promoted without having to play the other good teams?

A: First I’d like to say, how Silph developed the Open Tier works just fine, and Krydos, the judges & other Silph staffers should get credit and respect for handling questions like this (usually from NA players) in a nice and respectful manner… I’M NOT THEM AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS FUCKING QUESTION! WHY?! IT’S ALWAYS ASKED BY SOMEONE WHO’S A) ON A TEAM THAT EITHER IS NOT/NEVER WILL BE IN THE PROMOTION RACE OR B) A PERENNIAL 6-3 OR 5-4 TEAM THAT GETS BLOWN OUT IN ALL THEIR LOSSES AND BARELY (BARELY!) WINS THEIR GAMES! Like I’d understand if say The Angry Bottoms & Pioneer Valley PVP scenario from last cycle was a more common thing but it ain’t! Plus, EVERYONE THAT ASKS THIS, DO YOU HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION THAT WORKS FOR ALL OPEN TIERS?!?! The way Silph got Open Tier together works for all four regions, and do you want to know why that’s important? Put together NA’s Open at the start of the cycle with BOTH APAC & EMEA’s Open and that’s STILL LESS than LATAM’S Open! In Bout 6 in NA, EMEA & APAC there’s 3 unbeatens left. In LATAM there’s 4! They won’t have one unbeaten left until Bout 8, while there’s a chance the other three Conferences won’t have any by that time! Come up with a solution that doesn’t result in a S1C2 Open Tier mess and present it like it’s the best girl working the block! Shit’s gotta work for all the Conferences, not just you and your “woe is me my team ain’t good enough” attitude. Yea, I’ve been sitting on that for awhile…





Last week I praise Canadian Shieldon, Elite TMS, Deoxys Alberta Forme, SoCal Swablu Gold, Hammer Heads, TexasPVP, The Great Unown, & Ohio Nation for delivering on non-existent hype. All eight lost in Bout 5…


IT’S A TRAP!! Tried to warn Gong Rippers

Silver Tier: You son of a bitch! I should’ve never doubted you when it comes to producing must-follow content down the stretch!

What’s up with all the 16-5, 17-4, & 18-3 matches!?!?


Faction That Will Undoubtedly Win Their Match: Elite TMS (Ok, this ain’t your usual “Yea I know they’re winning” pick. It’s more “Of all the matchups you guys have/will play, this one you NEED to win, the others need to prove they can beat you!” While other factions talked down ETMS’ success while they were in Open, Bronze, and even Platinum, Chicago stayed quiet. Chicago’s the ONLY faction in NA to have played at the top of the tiers every cycle, and one of only 12 globally, so while others kept telling ETMS to show and prove, thus giving ETMS free rent in their mind & me free content, Chicago just kept it moving, watching silently but never provoking ETMS, and believe it or not, that way works against ETMS. Ask the two Canadian teams & C-U Later.)  


Faction on Upset Alert: Dubz 4 Cheap (See below)


Faction On The Rise: HomeSliceHeroes (I don’t think it’s fair to call them the most underrated faction anymore. Four straight wins and could possibly move to 1st if a Texas/Phoenix rematch goes to Texas and Lucky Muks get upended by Blouses in their rematch…)


Faction On The Slide: Everyone that lost 16-5 or worse last week (…even crazier if I factor in all the teams that lost 15-6… The fuck happened last week?!?) 




EMERALD: The Body Slammers (3-2, 53-52; W3) vs Stadium Elite (4-1, 70-35; W3)

Last Meeting: The Body Slammers won 12-9 in S2C2B5 Emerald

All-Time Meeting: The Body Slammers lead 2-0


The Body Slammers knocking off Elite TMS has made this match (+ Pogoats/Muddy Water & Elite TMS/Chicago) infinitely more intriguing in the short term. Stadium Elite is in first place via points scored and that’s thanks to two 17-4 performances this cycle and controls their own destiny going forward. That’s the tricky part with them though; Stadium in the past has had losses that either saw them surrender 1st place in Emerald/Diamond/Platinum or take themselves out of winning those tiers. Unlike those previous times, however, Stadium does have a notable lead on the 2nd place Elite TMS via points (10), whereas the last times their lead has been no larger than 3 points. Then there’s another layer to this match to consider in World Championship terms. The Body Slammers already clinched their spot in the WC, so them (along with Ann Arbor) are just adding points to their potential seeding. If they care about their spot (and wanting to avoid a potential first round meeting with EU Emperors), they’ll need to keep winning. Also, peep the All-Time Meeting record… Yea, rare you see a faction have Stadium’s number like that…


DIAMOND: Wing Attack (4-1, 64-41; W3) vs Bad Mews (4-1, 58-47; W1)

First Time Meeting


The top of Diamond is at war this week. With Wing Attack knocking off Deoxys Alberta Forme, they’ve moved themselves into first and Bad Mews to second, while Deoxys falls to third and NEB goes to fourth and all of them play each other this week. Wing Attack & Bad Mews feel like they’re the same faction with different names. Both are seemingly unflappable (even in the face of some debilitating losses) and they’re both extremely hard to bet against with conviction. There is one minor difference that may or may not play a factor in this match and that’s experience. Wing Attack is showing themselves to be that faction that only gets relegated from Emerald because someone has to, and the amount of high-tension battles they’ve played over the last year has them always ready. Bad Mews have played at a high level in spite of the competition they’ve faced in that same year, but unlike WA sometimes they have to get ready. Sometimes it works out for them in the end (their matchup this cycle against NEB and both meetings with Phoenix Rising), while other times, not so much (their first meeting with NEB & The Great Unown). Both teams are a mirror of each other when you step back and look at how they win, but will Wing Attack’s experience & stay ready Brave Bird mentality give them the edge, or will they just be apart of the latest, cruelest Bad Mews newspaper?


PLATINUM: Lucky Muks (4-1, 46-38; W4) vs Blouses PVP (3-2, 59-46; L1)

Last Meeting: Lucky Muks won 14-7 in S2C2B9 Gold

All-Time Series: Lucky Muks leads 1-0


Geez! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Lucky Muks & Blouses do what they did last week. Lucky Muks beat Texas 15-6 in what’s Texas’ worst loss since PoGoats in the first cycle in the pre-season and what Blouses did to Hammer Heads should be investigated as a crime. It’s only right that they both meet up after their respective performances. Lucky Muks are currently in 2nd place and trail Phoenix by seven points, while Blouses are 4th and have shot up to tie HomeSliceHeroes in points. How much we can take from their last meeting depends on how much stock you put into late cycle matches that in the grand scheme of things meant nothing, seeing as how both had clinched promotion at that point. What should be worth mentioning is over the last 18 Bouts (2 Cylce’s worth) they are 16-2 with an average of 13 PPG. They’ve put together a run in that timespan that only BraveNerds & Rock Paper Slark have done better. But if last week jarring win over Hammer Heads proved anything it’s that Blouses are up to the challenge. If I may point out one thing that is concerning if I were to be a Blouses stan, it’s the volatility of their Master League spot, especially since they’re going against LilDudeInstinct, one of the most consistent Master League players in NA. Should be a fun one to follow, which could be even more fun if Texas rebounds from their loss to Lucky Muks to avenge a post-season loss from Phoenix Rising… 


GOLD: Dubz 4 Cheap (3-2, 54-50; W2) vs C-U Later (4-1, 58-46; W3); MATCH OF THE BOUT 

Last Meeting: Dubz 4 Cheap won 12-9 in S2C2B6 Platinum

All-Time Series: D4C leads 3-0


It’s funny how these two factions keep meeting up at critical times in the cycle. Their first meeting was in the last week of S1C3 Silver to decide who would be Silver’s champion, the second meeting was a must-win for D4C in S2C1B7 Platinum to avoid relegation while C-U was coming off their 13-8 streak-snapping win over Elite TMS and was within promotion for Diamond, and their previous meeting D4C doomed C-U to relegation with them to Gold. Notice a trend of pain here for C-U? Both teams have been tethered together since S1C3 Silver and it’s formed a bond between the two, but at some point you gotta believe C-U wants to make this a rivalry where they have a victory worth talking about. This time around the focal points in this match will be on the battlers that’s new to this rivalry; C-U’s MRinker & Dubz’s RikipediaGo & AmIBoxyBrown. MRinker is (probably) the best free-agent pickup this cycle, going 5-0, 12-3 in Ember and being the most consistent point-getter on C-U Later, which is a feat among itself when he’s on a team with CytochromeT & TheZapdosRider. RikipediaGo started off 2-0, 4-2 and has come back to Ultra League hoping to continue his great performance after a vacation. Both of them face stiff competition in Ember & Ultra, respectively, as MRinker (tied for best record in Ember in Gold) faces MattMattMatt200 (5th via win %) and RikipediaGo faces CytochromeT (both have a 67% win rate), so those two matches are definitely worth watching. BoxyBrown has the toughest challenge of the three newbies, going up against AriBZ, and AriBZ has been one of the best Master League Specialists in Gold this cycle. What could tilt the ML spot in Boxy’s favor is AriBZ coming off an 0-3. AriBZ is 5-2 coming off an 0-3 outing, but is 2-2 this season and 0-1 in ML. 


SILVER: Team BTW (4-1, 70-35; L1) vs SoCal Swablu Blue (1-4, 46-59; L4)

Last Meeting: SoCal won 11-10 in S1C1B4 Iron

All-Time Series: SoCal leads 1-0 


At the start of the cycle this was THE most hyped match in Silver. They had a banger of a match in S2C1 Iron and that tier was legitimately just those two and everybody else. Sounds rough but it was true; hell SoCal Blue finished 9-0 with 127 points, BTW finished 8-1 with 125 points, and the third place team record wise was 6-3 while third place points was 100. They DOMINATED Iron and the fact that their match in Iron went 11-10 meant the next time they would meet it would be a match worth following. Now? There’s still hype for this match, but for differing reasons. Team BTW is still in 1st despite losing to AquaTail HungerForce last week, but now they’re 4-1 along with ATHF, The Thunderdome, & Scizor Me Timburrs, and a game behind all of them are POGO Raiders at 3-2. That’s five teams competing for three promotion spots (and here I was worried that this cycle’s Silver Tier wouldn’t produce the excitement all others have). SoCal, however, is on a 4-bout losing streak and in danger of getting relegated. Needless to say that’s not what anyone expected from them in this tier, and if they want to avoid relegation they’ll need to become the old Swablues in this Bout AND the next one.


BRONZE: BraveNerds (5-0; 75-30; W14) vs Gong Rippers (4-1, 63-42; L1)

First Time Meeting


Well, while I was ready to write about two unbeatens, I figured Gong Rippers would get tripped up by FletchinDErella Story. Tried to warn them, and maybe they were aware of the trap that was in front of them, but the trap snapped those Dewgongs on the tail. Well now they gotta have a short memory because BraveNerds are up next. Because of that loss they’re now in 2nd place, but the bigger concern is that 7 Deadly Simps & SeaKingPin are now within striking distance of knocking them out of the promotion spots. While they do own the tiebreaker over 7DS, that only applies if they’re tied in total points scored. 7DS & SKP can pass them if they win, and that’s BEFORE we talk about what BraveNerds are possibly playing for this week. If BraveNerds win this week and 7DS doesn’t win big, then folks there’s a great chance that we’re looking at Bronze Tier Champions. 


COPPER: NM PVP (0-5, 43-62; L5) vs Testudo Skillz (2-3, 46-59; L2)

First Time Meeting


This one is going to be short and sweet because all the other matches SOMEHOW tie back to this one in Bout 6. For NM PVP, they lose and they’re relegated. Simple as that. As for Testudo Skillz, they are in a 5-way tie for 5th place and currently rank last of the five. They’ll be watching all the games back just to see how their last three weeks will go. If they win and we assume one of the teams ahead of them loses (all the other teams tied for 5th are playing the top 4 teams, so at least two of them will), they can control their destiny for the second cycle in a row. They own the tiebreaker over Swellsprouts but not over Mighty Thunderducks, and play Mazer Gaming, TTT Squad, & Ghostpepper Dunspice to end the cycle. But that means nothing if they don’t win this bout. Coming into this bout, Testudo has scored 9 points over the last two bouts, meanwhile despite not winning NM PVP has been in their last four, with three of them coming down to the last match and one to the last battle. NM has the momentum in their favor, they just need to close out the games better, and in this situation where relegation is on the line they have no room for error when it comes to finishing off the game… If Testudo is still sliding from the last two weeks.


IRON: Stadium Elite Silver (5-0, 68-37; W6) vs Busta Mime (4-1, 56-49; W1)

First Time Meeting


One unbeaten left in Iron, and they go by the name of Stadium Elite Silver. Like their Emerald counterparts they control their own destiny, though unlike the OG(ish) Stadium if Stadium wins this and the next bout the double promotion is probably a lock. This week they’ve got Busta Mime, a faction that’s barely hanging on to the last promotion spot to Copper. Needless to say this should be a close bout considering what’s on the line for both factions, but what could blow this match wide open is how Stadium Elite Silver performs in Ember. 60% of their roster has played in Ember, and when they win in the Ember field, SES dominates the match by an average of 12 points. Also, Busta Mime does need to have at least a strong showing against SES. Last time they faced a faction that had a blowout win on their resume (16-5 or better), they got rocked by Pioneer Valley PVP. 

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