Today, Niantic rolled out a list of PvP updates, specifically focusing on Grass-type moves and Pokémon, to celebrate April’s Grass-type Month! You can read the full post here, but we’ve broken down the important info for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Updates to Existing Moves

  • Bullet Seed’s Energy gain has been increased from 11 to 13, making it akin to a Grass-type Snarl! It generates Energy very quickly, allowing Bullet Seed user to make good use of their Charged attacks. Mantine, Bellossom (with its deadly Leaf Blade), and Cherrim (now with Fire-type Weather ball), and even Sceptile benefit greatly from this buff!
  • Energy Ball now charges faster, costing only 55 Energy from its previous 60, and now has a 10% chance to drop your opponent’s defense by 1 stage, making it another solid Grass-type Charged attack.
  • Leaf Tornado has a 50% chance of lowering your opponent’s attack by 2 stages instead of just 1 stage, adding another level of strategy to this move.
  • Ancient Power, Silver Wind, and Ominous Wind all have their Energy cost changed to 45 and damage reduced to 45. This is a big nerf in terms of output damage for both Origin and Altered Form Giratinas, though they are still forces to be reckoned with if you’re lucky enough to get the stat boost!

2. Moveset Updates

Bullet Seed
The newly buffed Bullet Seed is a deadly combination paired with Leaf Blade as a Charged move, and make Bellossom a strong choice for your Voyager Cup team!
Aerial Ace
The addition of Aerial Ace, combined with its bulk, make Jumpluff a similar pick to Tropius, and is able to take care of Water, Ground, Fighting, and other Grass-type threats you may face in battle.
Energy Ball
Ludicolo is now a much more usable Grass-type in many situations with the cost-effective Energy Ball as its Charged move, especially against Pokémon typically weak to Grass-type moves.
Bullet Seed
The benefits to Cradily are less evident right now as it has always been a more niche pick, but the faster Energy gain from Bullet Seed is definitely a plus!
Sunshine Form Cherrim
Fire Weather Ball
With its new Fire-type Weather Ball, Sunshine Form Cherrim now matches all Grass-types and even picks up wins against Azumarill and Registeel!
Rock Slide
Though it is another niche pick, Tangrowth will benefit from the added coverage against Flying-types from Rock Slide.

These updates are certainly a welcome surprise to all Grass-type fans. It will be exciting to see how the PvP landscape will shift and what changes to the Toxic, Voyager, and future Cups metas will sprout up because of it!

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