Global Player Rank:

Everything You Need to Know

As you compete in accredited tournaments in the Silph Arena your performance affects your global player rank. Increasing your rank can unlock new Player Tiers, earn you prestigious positions on the global leaderboard, and even qualify you for an invitation to exclusive tournaments on the path to becoming a world champion.

This resource will answer common questions and explain the mechanics of player rank.

Public Beta = Under Construction! Please remember this is the Silph Arena's inaugural Season! Keep the feedback coming. Expect adjustments and improvements as we trailblaze together. ❤

The Basics: Player Rank 101

You begin your journey in the Silph Arena at the first Player Tier: Trainer. Competing in ranked tournaments hosted by Silph League communities will provide you an opportunity to gain (or lose) player rank. As you battle with opponents, the Arena learns more about your skill level. Perform well and you will soon rank up to the next Player Tier (e.g. Rival and beyond)!

Monthly Cups

Each month the Arena hosts a global themed Cup with unique rules. These Cups are designed to be hosted and played by local communities. Competing in the monthly Cup is important for your player rank because one Cup per month receives extra weight towards your player rank. This weighted Cup gives your performance 10x more rank impact than in non-weighted tournaments. Subsequent Cup tournaments in the same month contribute towards your rank similarly to non-Cup ranked tournaments. (See Additional Ranked Tournaments below)

Cup Trophies

Competing in a Cup tournament that successfully concludes all matchups will earn every competitor a digital collectible trophy for your Trophy Case! You can view your Cup trophies on your Travelers Card at If you win a tournament, i.e. score (or tie with) the highest win count in the tournament, and it successfully concludes with at least 8 competitors, you will receive a special gold-tier trophy variant. Earning the second-highest win count will earn a silver-tier trophy, while landing in the top half of the tournament will award a bronze-tier trophy. Winning very large tournaments can earn even higher trophy tiers - but these are very rare!

Additional Ranked Tournaments

Aside from your one 10x weighted Cup tournament each month, you are permitted to compete in as many additional ranked tournaments as you wish in the Arena (including additional Cup tournaments). However, only 10 additional ranked tournaments can contribute to your player rank every month. These receive rank weight beginning at 1x weight and diminish linearly to 0x weight each time.*

* Note: 0.1x diminishing weight returns are not currently reflected in current Arena Ranking calculations and will be applied in a future rank adjustment to all past and future ranked tournaments. Expect a small global rankings shuffle soon when this takes effect!

Your Weighted Cup

By default, the first Cup in which you compete (which concludes with 8+ competitors) each month will receive 10x rank weight each month. If you wish to participate in a Cup but would like to apply the full 10x weight to another Cup later in the month, you may opt out of full rank weight when registering to enter a tournament. This cannot be undone once a tournament begins, so chose carefully.

If you are competing in simultaneous or overlapping Cups, the Cup whose final matchup results are reported in first are considered the first to complete - not the timestamp tournament organizers mark a tournament concluded, as this is often delayed.*

* Note: Last-matchup timestamps are not currently utilized in simultaneous Cup determinations in the current Arena Rankings and will be applied in a future rank adjustment to all past and future ranked tournaments. Expect a small global rankings shuffle soon when this takes effect!

Player Tiers

After beginning as a Trainer tier competitor, you can climb up through Rival, Challenger, Ace, and more. These will appear on your Travelers Card, on the Global Leaderboard, and beside your name when attending Tournaments. The progress bar indicates how close you are to climbing to the next tier. Player Tiers and ranks will remain intact for the entire season and will be reset when the new season begins in Fall 2019. Players will be rewarded for their highest rank achieved at the end of the season.

The Competitive Season: Regionals & Worlds

Season 1 began in January 2019 and will have monthly Cups through the summer. On May 1st the strongest competitors in each community will receive an invitation to compete at an exclusive Regional tournament against the champions of other communities in the region. Victors at these Regional tournaments will receive a coveted invitation to compete at a World Championship-level Finals. Finals will determine the world champions for the Season.

There are three paths to receive an invitation to Regionals:

  1. Be the top player in a community’s leaderboard that has participated in most (only missed one or zero) monthly Cups. This is calculated by (ranked) Matchups * W/L played at ranked tournaments in that community.
  2. Be among the top players in a Cup of 32 players or more. For every 32 players participating, there will be 1 more player seat available to qualify. (So a cup of 64 players invites 2, a cup of 96 invites 3, etc.) For tiebreakers, we’ll be using the player's global rank.
  3. Rank above the Global Rank cutoff for Regionals/Finals (likely to add at least one competitor slot to most small communities and several for large communities).

There are also three ways to earn an invitation to the prestigious World Championships tournament:

  1. Earn 1st Place a Regional Tournament.
  2. Rank above the Global Rank cutoff for World Championships.
  3. Earn 1st Place at the Open Tournament held at GO Fest Chicago, GO Fest Dortmund, or the Arena's LATAM finals.

Regional tournaments will be held around the world by accredited host communities who apply and are accepted to host the event. They will need to demonstrate their capacity to handle hosting a larger, multi-community tournament.

World Championships will be hosted on three continents by the Silph Arena Team after the Season's Regionals conclude.

Opting Out of Rank

Some competitors may wish to participate in local Arena tournaments but do not wish to appear on leaderboards or have personal Arena Stats displayed on their Travelers Card. Others may be disqualified from global rank eligibility due to having falsified or manipulated their GPS location ('spoofing') or other violations of League rules.

These competitors should select the Opt Out of Rank option from the site navigation and permanently de-rank their account in the Arena.

Unranked players will not appear in global or local leaderboards. They can still, however, be able to earn trophies for their Trophy Case and even win local tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated periodically with questions frequently asked about player rank.

Competitor Questions

Are larger tournaments better for my rank?

While playing in large tournaments is not a requirement to earn a Regionals invite, larger tournaments have more rounds, which means more opportunities to compete and battle against other players. Larger tournaments have a higher potential for rewarding points and improving your player rank, but your true rank gains will depend on how well you perform at a larger tournament with steeper competition.

What happens if I leave a Cup early?

Once a tournament you are registered for begins, that Cup will count for your rank (including receiving full weighted rank impact) as long as the Cup's final matches conclude before those of other Cups you compete in. If a tournament concludes without the minimum 8 players, it will not qualify for as ranked. Cases where a player might be 'holding the Cup hostage' should be reported with evidence to the team at

What happens to my rank if I play an unranked player?

Your rank gains and losses are handled exactly the same as playing against ranked players.

Tournament Organizer Questions

What happens if I forget to mark our tournament 'Concluded' before the end of the month?

Tournaments auto-conclude at the end of month if a Tournament Organizer forgets to mark them 'Concluded.' However, if not all match results are reported in by that time, the tournament will not qualify for rank.

Do communities have to accept known cheaters or unranked players at a tournament?

Community leaders do not have to admit competitors who violate their own community's rules. Cups or ranked tournaments are not required to be open invite (though this is strongly encouraged in the spirit of the Arena). However, discriminating against a competitor for race, gender, religion, or any other legally protected attribute is grounds for losing accreditation and evidence of such behavior should be reported to the Arena. League community leaders are similarly prohibited from excluding specific competitors in an attempt to manipulate tournament outcomes. Evidence of discrimination or attempts at match-fixing should be submitted to and are taken very seriously. Communities found to be match fixing or discriminating are liable to lose accreditation and have their Season's tournaments de-ranked retroactively.

If you have evidence of a competitor or League community intentionally violating, abusing, or manipulating Arena rules and protocol you may submit evidence to:

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