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As you compete in accredited tournaments in the Silph Arena your performance affects your global player rank. Increasing your rank can unlock new player tiers, earn you prestigious positions on the global leaderboard, and even qualify you for an invitation to exclusive tournaments on the path to becoming a world champion.

Ten przewodnik odpowie na typowe pytania i wyjaśni mechanikę rangi gracza.

Expect Adjustments & Improvements! The Silph Arena is in a constant state of improvement - so adjustments and improvements should be expected as we trailblaze together. ❤

Podstawy: Ranking gracza

You begin your journey in the Silph Arena at the first player tier: Trainer. Competing in ranked tournaments hosted by Silph League communities will provide you an opportunity to gain (or lose) player rank. As you battle with opponents, the Arena learns more about your skill level. Perform well and you will soon be on your way to greatness!

Rangi Graczy

After beginning as a Trainer tier competitor, you can climb up through Rival, Challenger, Ace, and more. These will appear on your Travelers Card, on global, national, and community leaderboards, and beside your name when attending Tournaments. The progress bar indicates how close you are to climbing to the next tier. Player tiers and ranks will remain intact for the entire season and will be reset when the new season begins in 2020. Competitors will be rewarded for their final Season player tier when the season concludes.

Comiesięczne Turnieje o Puchar

Each month the Arena hosts a global themed Cup with unique rules. These Cups are designed to be hosted and played by local communities and provide the largest opportunity for you to improve your player rank. That is because you may select one tournament during each Cup to receive extra weight and give your performance 10x more rank impact than non-weighted tournaments. Any additional Cup tournaments you participate in during the Cup will simply contribute towards your rank without the extra weight. (See Additional Ranked Tournaments below)

Twój ważony Turniej o Puchar

You must explicitly denote which Cup will receive rank weight each month before the conclusion of the tournament. By default, the first Cup to begin chronologically will receive the increased weight, but competitors can change whether or not they want their Cup weighted during the course of the tournament.

Remember, the earliest Cup to begin that is marked 'weighted' will receive the increased rank impact, even if a different Cup concludes first. Pay attention to which Cup you want to weight and keep track of your tournaments!

Note: As in Season 1, you may denote multiple Cups as 'eligible' for weighted rank impact. Weight will be assigned to the earliest of the Cups which qualified for rank, in chronological order of when their first round began.
Dodatkowe Turnieje Rankingowe

Aside from your one weighted (10x) Cup tournament each month, you may compete in as many additional ranked tournaments as you wish in the Arena (including additional Cup tournaments). However, only 5 additional tournaments can contribute to your player rank every month. These receive rank weight beginning at 2x weight and diminish by 0.4 linearly to 0x weight each time.

Be aware: your weighted tournament must be one of your first 6 tournaments in a month. If you decide not to give the increased weight to any of your first 6 tournaments in a month, you will not receive a weighted Cup that month.

Puchary i trofea turniejowe

Competing in a Cup tournament that successfully concludes all matchups will earn each competitor a digital collectible trophy for your Trophy Case! You can view your Cup trophies on your Travelers Card at If you win a tournament, i.e. score (or tie with) the highest win count in the tournament, and it successfully qualifies for rank, you will receive a special gold-tier trophy variant. Earning the second-highest win count will earn a silver-tier trophy, while landing in the top half of the tournament will award a bronze-tier trophy. Winning very large tournaments can earn even higher trophy tiers - but these are very rare!

How Match Outcomes Impact Your Rank

When you compete in a tournament, the Arena software ( will assign you opponents whom you will battle three times each. The Arena analyzes these data points on each competitor and their matchups and with this data constantly computes the global and national rankings! Winning matchups increases your player rank and losing them costs rank.

Three Battles Per Opponent

Unlike the common Best of 3 format, opponents in the 2019-2020 Season always get three opportunities to battle each other. Each battle is a chance to prove your strength as a competitor. A close match (e.g. losing one battle and winning two) reveals a more even matchup than sweeping victories.

In Season 1, the Arena simply recorded the result of 'Best of 3' matches as a singular win or loss. This season, a loss affects player ranking no differently than in the prior Season, except now competitors who have gone 0-2 will have one more chance to prove the opponents' skill gap was actually narrow - and the leading opponent must prove their sweeping victory was more than luck by repeating their success in a third match.

A competitor may opt to concede this third match if they wish (at no ranking penalty). In the eyes of the Arena an 0-2 match is the same as an 0-3 match - and both affect player rank the exact same way as a simple 'Loss' from Season 1. But that competitor only stands to gain by playing the third match for one extra chance to prove the match was close!

All match victories increase your player rank - and every battle counts!

Opponent Strength

The strength of your opponent affects your potential rank gain or loss in each matchup. If a low-tier competitor defeats a highly-skilled player, the Arena learns that the low-tier competitor is actually much more skilled than expected and their player tier and rank will ascend more quickly than from victories with less-skilled opponents.

Tournament Bracket & Tie-breaking

The winner of the most battles (of the three in each matchup) is marked victor of the matchup in a tournament, and the winner of the most matchups will be crowned the tournament winner!

When ties occur for the highest match wins in a tournament, all top-scoring competitors will receive the highest level trophy awarded for their Trophy Case and are co-victors in the eyes of the Arena. For the sake of local event prizes and glory, however, Tournament organizers may elect to hold additional tie-breaking rounds or to use the provided Buchholz tiebreaker score (which displays the sum of each player's opponents' match wins) and, as a secondary tie-breaker, each competitor's total battle wins. Both numbers are displayed in the tournament point results table.

The Competitive Season: The Path to World Champion

The 2020-2021 Competitive Season begins October 2020 and will feature multiple monthly Cups. Midway through the Season, the strongest competitors in each community will receive an invitation to compete at an exclusive Regional Invitational against the top competitors of other communities in the region. Victors of these Regional Invitationals will receive a coveted spot at the Continental Championships held in June, July, and August. At the end of the Season, the Continental Champions will come together to see who deserves the title of World Champion!

Communities around the globe will have an opportunity to apply to host their area’s Regional Invitational. The Silph Arena will select from those communities based on a number of factors, including a proven track record of successful, accredited Silph Arena tournaments and a demonstrated capacity to handle hosting a larger, multi-community tournament.

Continental and World Championships will be hosted by the Silph Arena after the Season's Regional Invitationals conclude and Regional Champions have emerged.

Rezygnacja z figurowania w tabelach rankingowych

Niektórzy uczestnicy/-czki mogą chcieć brać udział w lokalnych turniejach Silph Arena ale nie chcą pozyskiwać pozycji rankingowych, ani nie mieć żadnych statystyk na ich Karcie Podróżnika. Inni gracze mogą być zdyskwalifikowani z pozyskiwania punktów rankingowych za manipulowanie ich lokacją GPS( tzw. "spoofing") lub inne przewinienia względem regulaminu Silph League.

Uczestnicy/-czki powinni zaznaczyć opcję Rezygnuj z Rankingów na stronie nawigacyjnej i ostatecznie zrezygnować z figurowania na listach rankingowych Silph Arena.

Nierankingowi gracze nie będą figurowali/-ły w globalnych lub lokalnych rankingach. Mogą jednak nadal zdobywać trofea do swojej Szafki z Pucharami, a nawet wygrywać lokalne turnieje.

Najczęściej zadawane pytania (FAQ)

Ta sekcja będzie aktualizowana z pytaniami często zadawanymi na temat rang graczy.

Pytania uczestników/-czek

Czy większe turnieje są lepsze dla Mojej rangi?

Mimo, tego że gra w dużych turniejach nie jest wymagana do otrzymania zaproszenia na Turniej Regionalny, większe turnieje mają więcej rund, co oznacza więcej okazji do rywalizacji i walki z innymi graczami. Większe turnieje pozwalają na pozyskanie większej liczby punktów i polepszenie rangi gracza, ale Twój aktualny przyrost rangi będą zależały od tego, jak dobrze będziesz się prezentować w większym turnieju z ostrzejszą konkurencją.

Co się stanie, jeśli z powodów osobistych będę musiał/-a opuścić Turniej o Puchar przed jego zakończeniem?

Once a tournament you are registered for begins, that Cup will count for your rank (including receiving full weighted rank impact if applicable) as long as the tournament qualifies for rank (e.g. a Cup's final matches have been reported before the end of the Cup's final day and 8+ players complete multiple rounds). Cases where a player might be 'holding the Cup hostage' should be reported with evidence to the Arena team through the Infraction Reporting form.

Jaki wpływ na Moją rangę gracza będzie miała walka przeciwko graczowi, który/-a zrezygnował/-a z figurowania w tabelach rankingowych?

Wpływ na Twoją rangę gracza będzie taki sam, jak podczas gry przeciwko graczom rankingowym.

Pytania Organizatora turnieju

Co się stanie, jeśli zapomnę zaznaczyć Nasz turniej „Zakończony” przed końcem miesiąca?

Turnieje kończą się automatycznie pod koniec miesiąca, jeśli organizator turnieju zapomni je oznaczyć jako „Zakończony”. Jeśli jednak nie wszystkie wyniki meczów zostaną zgłoszone do tego czasu, turniej nie kwalifikuje się do rankingu.

Czy społeczności muszą akceptować znanych oszustów lub graczy, którzy nie chcą figurować na tabelach rankingowych na Ich turnieju?

Community leaders do not have to admit competitors who violate their own community's rules. Cups or ranked tournaments are not required to be open invite (though this is strongly encouraged in the spirit of the Arena). However, officials may not bar competitors based on race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or other similar attributes. Additionally, officials may not exclude or include competitors or groups of competitors in any attempt to manipulate or influence match or tournament outcomes, player rank, or leaderboards. Evidence of discrimination, attempts at match-fixing, or any other violations are taken very seriously and all evidence and information should be submitted via the Report Misconduct form to be reviewed by the Arena Team.

If you have evidence of a competitor or League community intentionally violating, abusing, or manipulating Arena rules and protocol, all evidence and information should be submitted via the Report Misconduct form to be reviewed by the Arena Team.

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