The Nightmare Cup

May 1st - 31st

Announcing May's Global Cup: The Nightmare Cup!

The Silph Arena's fifth global Cup begins on May 1st! With it comes a new chance to prove your skill and increase your global and local player ranking! The Nightmare Cup is a three-typed Cup of monsters inspired by the Pokémon that might haunt the dark places of nightmares! There are no new rule changes from April's Kingdom Cup, but for the first time restrictions have been applied to specific Pokemon species. Here's what you need to know:

What Is the Nightmare Cup?

毎月Silph Arenaは1カ月にわたるカップ - 「テーマを持つ」PvPトーナメントを開催します

During the Cup (May 1st - 31st), local Silph League communities host and record a special tournament using the free tools. Wins and losses in this local tournament affect your player rank on local and global leaderboards - and may eventually even earn you an invitation to compete at Regionals and even the World Championships at 2019 GO Fest & Safari Zone!


The Nightmare Cup Rules

The Nightmare Cup has a few special rules (designed to provide added challenge and fun) that differ from standard PvP combat in Pokemon GO:

  • 競技者たちはチーム中にポケモン六匹を持つ(そしてトーナメント始まる前に登録してください)。使用されてるすべての戦闘党はこれの六匹のポケモンで構成されなければなりません。
  • 試合はスーパーリーグでします、CPが1500以内のポケモンしか使うことができます。
  • Only Pokemon with at least one of the following types are permitted: Psychic, Dark, or Fighting.
  • Legendaries, Mythicals, Sableye, and Medicham are banned from use in this Cup!
  • 六匹のチームで各ポケモンの種のうちは1つだけを許可されています(種の重複は禁じです!)
  • その他のルールは全てアリーナルールに従います。

Take a moment to review the Arena Rules linked above - particularly clarifications in regards to technical difficulties and an optional coin toss to determine which opponent sends battle invites, due to a suspected ordering advantage.


Registration for the May Cup will become available to local community leaders on April 18th - but Nightmare Cups must be scheduled for dates between May 1st and May 31st. Find a Cup tournament near you via the Tournament Map!



How Do I Host a Nightmare Cup Tournament in My Community?

認定コミュニティリーダーアカウントで簡単にSilph.ggにログインして、とコミュニティ管理ページでカップトーナメントを作成してください。トーナメント当日に、コミュニティとシェアするRSVP URLを受けられます。ジョインコードトーナメント登録者を確認しますため。トーナメントを設定するためのガイドとしてにはSilph.ggにおいでください。 こちらへ


すべてのSilph League Discordコミュニティ管理者は、Discord @SilphRoad botを介して自分自身を「Tournament Admins」として追加する必要があります。

  • Discordでは、 #silph-league チャンネルで @SilphRoad add-tournament-admin @username#0000 とコマンドを入力します(あなたはSilph.ggから一度ログアウトして、再ログインする必要があるかもしれません!)


Can I host multiple Nightmare Cups in my community in May?


Does the Nightmare Cup have to be hosted on a specific date?

Any date between May 1 and May 31, 2019 is a valid date to hold your community's Nightmare Cup. The tournament registration page will not allow registering your Cup for an invalid date or time - so as long as you are able to create your tournament on, you will know it is set for a valid date.

I am a community leader of a Facebook Group (or other platform like Slack, Line, etc). How do I host the Nightmare Cup for my community?

アリーナチームは、Discord / Telegram以外のコミュニティがカップを主催できるように、迅速に取り組んでいます。最新のニュースをお楽しみに!


How Do I Join a Nightmare Cup Tournament in My Community?



とても重要です。シルフアリーナでのプレイヤーランキングの圧倒的大部分を占めているのがマンスリーカップでの業績だからです。 (なぜならシルフアリーナが各プレイヤーを同じ条件下で観測が出来るからです!)

Why is the Nightmare Cup (and all non-Cup ranked tournaments) played in Great League?




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