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Announcing: The 2020 Continentals Championships!

As we prepare to face down the powerful mystic forces in the Sorcerous Cup, many Regional Champions are eagerly awaiting their chance to compete on the world stage and win the seat of Continental Champion! Their opportunity will come soon enough, it's finally time to announce the 2020 Continental Championships!

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Defy the Odds and Qualify for the 2020 Continentals in the Wildcard Tournaments!

Prior to the 2020 Continental Championships, the Arena will host one last opportunity to net a Wildcard Invite! Do you have what it takes to defy the odds and grab this last chance to qualify?

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Nifty Or Thrifty: Sorcerous Cup

It's time to start building your Sorcerous Cup team, so bargain hunters rejoice! Nifty or Thrifty is here with your monthly picks to really stretch that stardust.

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Sorcerous Cup Meta Development Notes

Take a peek into the minds of the Arena's Meta Team with this in-depth look into the thought process that went into developing the Sorcerous Meta!

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Nifty Or Thrifty: Forest Cup

It's time to start building your Forest Cup team, so bargain hunters rejoice! Nifty or Thrifty is here with your monthly picks to really stretch that stardust.

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GO Battle League Season 2 Update and Move Rebalance!

GO Battle League Season 2 is just around the corner and Niantic just announced a huge amount of information to go with it! (Read their full blog post here) We'll break down the important changes and the impact on the GO Battle League, as well as how it affects the landscape of May's Forest Cup meta. Let's dive in!

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Voyager Cup Meta Snapshot: Team Compositions

As we approach the peak weekend of the Voyager Cup, the Arena Meta Team wanted to share some interesting facts about the Voyager Cup: which teams are most popular, and how are the picks distributed among the slots.

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Sideline Report: Adventures in Live Remotes

Arena Reporter HeyItsPugs shares the story of using live remotes in a difficult time to bring a community together and offer some fun to people that just might need it pretty badly.

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Grass-type PvP Move Updates: What you need to know!

Today, Niantic rolled out a list of PvP updates, specifically focusing on Grass-type moves and Pokémon, to celebrate April's Grass-type Month! We've broken down the important info for you. Let's take a look!

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Clash of the Couches: Community PvP Challenge

Will your community conquer the Clash of the Couches? Social Distancing may prevent your community from gathering in-person, but you can still come together for some fun and friendly competition! With the remote battling requirement lowered to Good Friends until May 1st, there's never been a better time to host a Remote Tournament for your community.

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