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Santiago: Get Ready for the South American Championships!

The third and final event of the Season 1 Arena World Championships is almost here! Latin America’s most skilled battlers will head to Santiago, Chile to represent their countries and prove their mettle. Here’s everything you need to know...

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The Final Cup of the Season and the Arena's Official Discord!

As July comes to a close, so does the Arena's largest Cup yet: the Jungle Cup! Over 2,300 communities hosted tournaments in the Jungle meta last month - a new record! Now for the final month of the competitive season...

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Dortmund: Get Ready for the European Championship!

The second leg of the Season 1 Arena World Championships is almost here! The continent's most skilled battlers will head to Dortmund, Germany to represent their regions and prove their mettle. Here’s everything you need to know...

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Chicago Here We Come!

Get ready to rumble - the Arena is heading to Chicago! Hosting the North American Championships is no small undertaking, but the world deserves to know who really is the very best. So it's time for the highest-level challenge in competitive PvP play - and it's gonna be glorious! Here's what you need to know...

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Announcing: Season 1 Championships in Chicago, Dortmund, and Santiago!

As Regional Champions are emerging around the world, it's finally time to officially announce Season 1 Championships schedule! The most elite battlers in the world will face off on three continents this Season. Without further ado...

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Congrats to the Season 1 Regionals Competitors! (Plus, Important Arena Updates)

As May's Nightmare Cup opens its jaws to challenge competitors in a diverse new meta full of Psychic, Fighting, and Dark-type foes, many of the Arena's competitors have been anxiously watching their rank on the new Leaderboard. That's because Regional Invitationals are just around the corner!

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Leaderboards, Player Rank, Trophies: Arena v2.0 is Here!

Tonight we are thrilled to pull back the curtain on a major update to Silph.gg - a collection of new features and updates we're christening v2.0! Buckle in, because this update brings some long-awaited features, powerful quality-of-life updates, and some new changes to how rank is accumulated in the Arena...

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Season 1 Regional Hosts Announced!

Season 1 Regional Invitationals have been announced in 177 cities around the world! Winners of these Regional Competitions are guaranteed an invitation to the Silph Arena World Championships at GO Fest Chicago and GO Fest Dortmund (plus a third championship on one more continent to be announced)!

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Prepare for the Nightmare Cup!

The Silph Arena's fifth global Cup begins on May 1st! With it comes a new chance to prove your skill and increase your global and local player ranking! The Nightmare Cup is a three-typed Cup of monsters inspired by the Pokémon that might haunt the dark places of nightmares! There are no new rule changes from April's Kingdom Cup, but for the first time restrictions have been applied to specific Pokemon species. Here's what you need to know...

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Get Ready for the Kingdom Cup!

The Tempest Cup is raging in thousands of cities around the world, but in the eye of the storm, we'll take the opportunity to announce what's on the horizon! It's time to start strategizing for the Arena's next Cup: the Kingdom Cup! Prepare to show the world your mastery with your battle team of Fire, Ice, Dragon, and Steel-type Pokemon! This Cup repeats the 'one per species' rule introduced in February, but the competition will be fierce and novel. Be sure to study hard, build your best team, and we'll see you in the Arena in April.

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