As we approach the fresh start of a new season, we want to let you know about several updates to The Silph Arena website, tournament formats, and organization that should improve the competitive PvP tournament experience for all.

Quality-of-Life Updates

To ease the process of tournament sign up, the Arena has created a few new quality-of-life updates.

  • Pre-selected Cup Teams: Same-Cup tournaments will now populate with your previously registered Cup team. Simply register a previous team or update as needed as you set up for your next tournament.
  • More Live Cup Data: Each monthly Cup page will provide more data not only on the most commonly faced species, but also the total number of winning and losing match ups. Be sure to check the Cup Stats page as each month progresses!

Updates to Rank Calculation

A complaint we heard was that playing early in the month was detrimental to rank, as opponents defeated at the end of the month benefited from an entire month’s worth of rank accumulation, causing battles to be worth more on the 30th/31st than they are on the 1st. In Season 4 this will no longer be the case, and all rank gains will be made based on your opponent’s rank at the start of the month.

New Tournament Formats Now Available

Round-robin: Organizers can now host tournaments in a new Round-robin style format where each opponent plays every other participant once. In this format, the victor is the one with the most match wins. (If match wins are equal, the draw will go to the one with the most battle wins.) Depending on the total number of competitors, Round-robin tournaments can take longer, so plan accordingly. These tournaments will be limited up to 8 participants (7 rounds). A minimum of 4 participants are required to rank the tournament. Round-robins with only 3 participants will be unranked.

While standard Swiss-style formats have a diminishing rank return pattern of 10x, 2x, 1.6x, 1.2x, 0.8x, and 0.4x per month, Round-robin formats will have a diminishing rank return pattern of 2x, 1.6x, 1.2x, 0.8x, and 0.4x per month. (Round-robins are not eligible for 10x rank gain.)

Diminishing rank gain for Swiss and Round-robin are equal (except for 10x rank ineligibility in Round-robin). If a competitor is playing both tournament formats in a month, each sequential Swiss or Round-robin weighted tournament will receive a rank gain of 2x, 1.6x, 1.2x, 0.8x, and 0.4x, regardless of the order it is played in. Only a Swiss tournament, played in the first 6 of the month, is eligible to be weighted 10x.

Double-elimination: Organizers will also be able to host Double-elimination tournaments where opponents will compete until awarded two match loses. This format will only be available for unranked tournaments with up to 128 participants.

To host a Round-robin or Double-elimination tournament, simply select it from the Bracket Style dropdown menu when setting up your next event. Please note that the format can not be changed once the tournament has been created.

COVID-19 and In-person Tournaments

While in an ideal world we would like an immediate return to in-person tournaments, Season 4 will begin as remote-only – though the Arena is always monitoring our current situation. Recent spikes and lockdowns in many countries along with new strains developing, mean we do not yet feel comfortable encouraging competitors to meet up in-person.

We will continue applying best practices to address the coronavirus and its impacts on this player base & global community in the coming months, and plan to allow in-person tournaments to begin on January 1, 2022 with contingencies. An initial trial period from January 1-31, 2022 will occur to test and allow organizers & participants to prove their ability to host tournaments in a safe manner while obeying local ordinances. During this time, in-person tournaments will only be allowed for up to 32 participants plus staff. (Remote tournaments will continue to be capped at 128 participants.)

Organizers found to be running in-person tournaments marked as remote to bypass the limits will have their tournaments deranked and permanently lose their ability to host. After evaluation of communities’ ability to host safe in-person tournaments, restrictions on in-person tournaments may be ongoing or altered beginning February 1, 2022.

At any time between now and January 1, 2022, the Silph Arena reserves the right to alter previously mentioned contingencies required to hold in-person tournaments or cancel in-person formats for the remainder of Season 4.

The science aside, The Silph Arena prides itself on being a global community, and it’s because of this that we want everyone who takes part in our tournaments around the world to have the same experience. While this does create a level playing field, we would like to stress that we feel the more important factor here is encouraging solidarity amongst our communities. Please use this opportunity to practice best behavior, be respectful of other battlers boundaries, and exemplify the pillars of this global community.

New Unlockable Travelers Card Avatars 

Through your performance in Season 4, you may obtain new special Arena avatar items based on the number of Achievement Badges you collect. Specific badges you have earned on the Arena tab of your Travelers Card, will count towards unlocking these new avatars. Plus, there are multiple tiers to unlock based on your total number of badges earned.

Redemption Program

The Silph Arena Re-Ranking Program is the way that eligible competitors that have broken the Arena Rules in the past and have been sanctioned because of those infractions can play again as ranked participants in the Arena. This process will occur in phases, and will only accept Re-Rank Applications from competitors whose accounts were deranked because of Rank Manipulation (fake tournaments and multiple accounts). The Re-Ranking Applications are confidential and their content will not be made public. The Program will begin by reaching out to eligible cases with applications opening during the first split of the Season. Stay tuned to our channels for more information.

Community Feedback

As we evolve together, the Silph Arena is interested in hearing ideas from the community about ways to grow and better provide tournament organizers and competitors with a fair and competitive environment. Over the last few weeks, the Arena has been consulting community organizers about best ways forward to maximize the experience for Season 4, and will continue to expand feedback channels in the coming weeks. During the off-season, we hosted feedback sessions with community members and will continue to provide opportunities for feedback on a regular basis. As we are finalizing these resource channels, please remember you can always provide feedback via emailing or on Discord.

As the season progresses, we hope each battler is presented with new challenges to increase their knowledge and skill while lessening the impacts of irregular gameplay. The Silph Arena is committed to sharing and increasing knowledge of in-game effects with Tournament Organizers and participants to continue allowing fair competition despite irregular Pokémon GO mechanics. As the game and mechanics evolve, so will The Silph Arena to address pertinent issues. Changes to Rules are in the final stages of review and we will provide clear & concise guidance on updates as we venture into Season 4. Continue watching social media channels as issues develop and for the most up-to-date information for Pokémon GO PvP tournaments.

A new season, with new possibilities and achievements are up for grabs! We are extremely excited for the Season that lies ahead and the opportunities for battlers, at all skill levels, to succeed at new heights!

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