Season 1 Regionals

May 10th - 26th

Announcing Season 1 Regional Invitationals!

The Silph Arena's first Regional Invitational tournaments will begin May 10th in cities around the world!

The fiercest competitors in the Arena have begun to emerge from communities far and wide. On May 1st these talented trainers will receive an invitation (via email and visible when logging in to to fight for their Region's title. If they succeed, they will earn regional glory - and a coveted invitation to compete at the World Championships!

Here's what you need to know:

What Are Regional Invitationals?

Since January, communities all over the world have hosted Cups and ranked tournaments in the Silph Arena, the world's largest competitive PvP league for Pokemon GOTM. Thousands of trainers have had their skills put to the test, and the best among them will be invited to battle it out at Regional Invitationals.

During the Regional Competition (May 10th - 26th), Silph League Regional host communities will host an invite-only Regional Competition using the free tools in 177 cities around the world. Winners of these Regional Competitions are guaranteed an invitation to the Silph Arena World Championships at GO Fest Chicago and GO Fest Dortmund (plus a third championship on one more continent to be announced)!

Find the closest of 177 Regionals locations near you on the Season 1 Regionals Map!

Regional Tournament Rules

The Season 1 Regional Tournament follows standard Arena rules, but brings over a dozen Pokemon types to the melee!

  • Competitors may use any Pokemon that was or would now be eligible in the Boulder, Twilight, Tempest, or Kingdom Cup.
    • This includes Pokemon with at least one typing of: Ground, Rock, Steel, Fighting, Dark, Poison, Fairy, Ghost, Ice, Electric, Flying, Fire, or Dragon.
    • Dual-type Pokemon are allowed only if they include at least one of the above types.
  • 競技者たちはチーム中にポケモン六匹を持つ(そしてトーナメント始まる前に登録してください)。使用されてるすべての戦闘党はこれの六匹のポケモンで構成されなければなりません。
  • 試合はスーパーリーグでします、CPが1500以内のポケモンしか使うことができます。
  • 六匹のチームで各ポケモンの種のうちは1つだけを許可されています(種の重複は禁じです!)
  • その他のルールは全てアリーナルールに従います。


Competitors invited to Regionals will be notified of their status by email and via a notice visible when logging in to on May 1st. Use the Map of Regional Invitational Locations to find the nearest Regionals location. Qualifying competitors may attend any Regionals location - but may only compete once. All Regional Competitions will be held between May 10th and May 26th.

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