The 2019 Competitive Season

Season 1: Seeking The Very Best

The Silph League Arena is the first globally coordinated competitive league play in Pokemon GOTM - and offers all a chance to prove they are the very best!

Beginning in January 2019, tournaments played under Arena Rules will affect players' local and global ranking. Those who perform well enough will receive an invitation to represent their local community in their area's Regional tournament. Winning Regionals nets a coveted slot to participate in the Arena World Championships at GO Fest and Safari Zone this summer.

Season Roadmap

December: Beta Test Period

The Silph Arena has just launched a public v1.0 beta test to League community leaders. All tournaments held in December will not affect player rank, leaderboards, or Regional invitations. This is a public testing period where we are tweaking our algorithms and adding features and patches! Community and global leaderboards will open in January alongside ranked play and the first Cup:

January through August: Monthly Cups

This Season will feature 8 themed, global Cups (tournaments designed to be played by local communities at a meetup) held once during each month at the discretion of local community leaders.

Each Cup is designed to test competitors' mastery of Pokemon mechanics, and will feature special restrictions (e.g. only Pink and Purple Pokemon permitted, etc). The details about each cup will be released a few weeks in advance so players can research, hunt relevant Pokemon, and practice!

Performance in these special, monthly tournaments will determine the majority of individual players' rank in both community and global leaderboards - so be sure to come prepared!

June & July: Regionals By Invitation

The strongest competitors from each community will be invited to represent their local community at a Regional Invitational tournament in their area before GO Fest and the Safari Zone events (the end of June or early July 2019).

Communities who have held larger tournaments during the Season will receive more competitor slots at Regionals. Additionally, all players who exceed the minimum global player ranking cutoff will be invited as well.

Regionals will be "hosted" by volunteer local communities and may encompass all communities within an hour of travel. Applications to host Regionals will open in February 2019.

July & August: Arena World Championship

All Regional champions (and their teams) will earn an invitation to compete at the Arena World Championships at GO Fest and the Safari Zone events (should these be held) in summer 2019. This exclusive tournament will determine the most skilled players in the world. When the dust settles, we crown the best there ever was.

Player Rank & Qualifying

Increasing Player Rank

Players' ranking will be affected by wins and losses in tournaments hosted by Silph League member communities when played through Many factors are considered behind the scenes when calculating player ranking, but the fastest way to rank up will be performing well in monthly Cups.

Win/loss ratio, unique players defeated, and many other factors will play a role in determining rank. To a limited degree, this can include performing well in Arena-accredited, non-Cup tournaments - but simply playing more non-Cup tournaments is not necessary to rank well locally or globally. Cup play is weighted significantly - and performing well in monthly Cups should be the primary focus of those seeking to qualify for a Regional invitation.

Hosting Local Tournaments

Silph League Community Leaders

Monthly Arena Cups and other accredited non-Cup tournaments can be hosted by Silph League community leaders.

Member communities must abide the Silph League's Code of Conuct and may have their accreditation or League membership revoked for violating the spirit and policies of the League.

For help setting up, hosting, or getting started in the Silph League, join us in the League's Community Leader Discord server and Telegram channels!

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