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Quando: 1582671600

Dove: Torneo Remoto (virtuale)

Organizzatore: Delaware Pokemon Go PvP Group

Regolamento: Rose Cup Regole

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Regole del torneo e dettagli
Rango Accreditato: Si
Formato Evento: Remoto (Virtuale)
Platform: Others
Tipo di Raggruppamento: Sistema Svizzero
Regole: Rose Cup Regole

Remote Tournament:
Must be Ultra Friends with all participants to enter. If any conflict presents please reach out to me on the official Facebook page.

Rose Cup Rules:
Team of 6: Competitors will bring a team of 6 Pokemon (and register them before the tournament begins). All battle parties used must be comprised of these 6 Pokemon.

Great League: Matches are played in Great League: only Pokemon up to 1500 CP are permitted in the Cup.

Permitted Colors: Only Pokemon whose main colors are Pink, Purple, Red, or Gray are eligible for use in the Rose Cup.
Main colors are based off of their classifications on BULBAPEDIA.

Shinies: A Pokémon's elligibility is based solely on its non-shiny form's color. For example: Sableye and its shiny are allowed, but shiny and non-shiny Gyarados are not.

Multiple Forms: If a Pokémon has multiple forms (Alolans, regional forms, etc.), each form that matches the allowed colors is eligible. (i.e. Alolan Marowak is allowed but Kanto Marowak is not)

Species Bans: Water-types (including dual types!), Mythical Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Bastiodon are not allowed.

Visit this link to see a page of eligible pokemon:

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