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~ Concluded Fusion Cup: ~

Domain Dancehall Fusion Rave

When: 1579995900

Where: Ashburton Domain

Host: PoGo Ashburton

Ruleset: Fusion Cup Rules

Registered: Not Yet

This tournament is no longer accepting registrations!

Tournament Rules & Details
Rank Accredited: Yes
Event Format: Live Event
Bracket Style: Swiss-Style
Rules: Fusion Cup Rules
Information for Newcomers:

Entry is free to everyone and new players are super welcome. Try to arrive 15 minutes early to settle in and make sure you've met up with everyone.

Ashburton Domain: Google maps pin
There's a carpark off west street just after the roundabout.

New players, set up your account at ahead of time because it's way easier to do at home than on your phone at the tournament time.

For any questions or issues, feel free to get in touch on Discord with MysteriousStranger#4239 (Christchurch) or Chris525i#2053 (Ashburton).

Everybody put your hands in the air, we're getting down in the Ashburton Domain this Sunday for a ranked Fusion Cup!
A carload of Christchurchers will be heading in to battle with the Ashburton local PvP crew. Get registered and get in touch if you want to grab a seat! New players are always welcome, of course, and no RSVP necessary if you want to just meet us there.

Full Fusion Cup rules here but in a nutshell: great league (1500cp), dual-type pokemon only, no species that cost >50k dust for a second charge move, no duplicates, no legendaries or mythicals, no Wormadam, Dewgong, Azumarill, Medicham.

There are heaps of infographics and guide videos if you search on google or youtube.

Competitor RSVPs

Interested Competitors: 9


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