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~ Concluded 2021 Regional Invitational: ~

2021 Regional Invitationals: Arizona, USA Region

When: 1623542400

Where: Remote Tournament (Virtual)

Host: Flagstaff Battle Stadium

Ruleset: Standard Arena Rules

Registered: Not Yet

This tournament is no longer accepting registrations!

Tournament Rules & Details
Rank Accredited: Yes
Event Format: Remote (Virtual)
Platform: Others
Bracket Style: Swiss-Style
Rules: Standard Arena Rules
Round Time Limit: 35 Minutes
Information for Newcomers:

Silph rules will be STRICTLY followed, be sure to at least briefly review the rules, linked just below.
Silph rules:

-Your pokemon's CPs, if they are not matching you will receive a loss
-No TMs can be used once the tournament starts
-Do not reveal opponents' movesets publically!

Have at least 5 gifts to send or receive prior to the start

Be respectful
-Any harassment or fighting with competitors or judges decisions can result in a removal

Where - Flagstaff Battle Stadium Discord Participants must be a part of the discord in order to coordinate matchups, leaving during the event will be considered a voluntary removal.

CHECK-IN CODE - will be posted and pinned in the #2021-regionals channel 2 hours prior to the start (6/12/21)

Start Time - check-in will close at 5 pm PST (UTC-08) on June 12

Round Length
-Rounds will be 35 minutes long, notify an admin if you cannot contact your opponent in 5 minutes, after 10 minutes that opponent will receive a loss for game 1
-Expect rounds to average around 45 minutes due to disputes

-No disputes can be made without footage. in the event that a dispute does occur message a judge the footage privately.
-Some examples of issues that do not warrant a rematch include standard game occurrences (such as the inability to switch a Pokémon or use a charge move while the fast move animation is still in play) and user error (such as a phone notification disrupting play)
-Telegram is preferred as it's much faster to send videos, but youtube, google drive, or streamable is acceptable

Direct link to Discord:

Competitor RSVPs

Interested Competitors: 29


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