Tournament status: Canceled

~ Canceled Fusion Cup: ~

Bay Area Show Down

When: 1580058000

Where: 39 E 4th ave San Mateo ca 94401

Host: The Poke Fairy (SF)

Ruleset: Fusion Cup Rules

Registered: Not Yet

This tournament is no longer accepting registrations!

Tournament Rules & Details
Rank Accredited: No
Event Format: Live Event
Bracket Style: Swiss-Style
Rules: Fusion Cup Rules
Information for Newcomers:

Dm Taco#2715 on discord

tentative date .

This is a made for stream tournament attempting to showcase 10-16 top+Up and coming Bay Area trainers that are available to come to a tournament!

I want to make this a monthly Tournament trail event that has accruing points for participation based on finishes. An a finals with a $80 reward to winner an $20 to the runner up. (Prize pool may increase based on outside donations) 3rd place a jigglypuff plush.

Current time is Sunday the 26th at 8-9am

Side note

This tournament could be on a Saturday or Sunday morning around 8-9 am.

Competitor RSVPs

Interested Competitors: 7


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