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End of the Rainbow

Quando: 1561726800

Onde: PoGo Points Remote

Anfitrião: PoGoPoints

Ruleset: To Be Announced

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Regras e Detalhes do Torneio
Rank Accredited: To Be Determined
Event Format: Live Event
Estilo de campeonato: Estilo suíço
Regras: To Be Announced

Come and enjoy the first official Pokémon practice battle tournament for PoGo Points League Jaybird4th. This is an unranked practice tourney so we can get a feel of how things will flow for our group. ONLY RAINBOW CUP ELIGIBLE POKEMON MAY BE USED. Those trainers that have achieved Ultra friendships have 24 hours to complete their battles. I will conduct a coin toss to determine the winner for trainers that are paired against an opponent that they have NOT achieved Ultra friendship with. For more information about tournaments visit Thanks and good luck!

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