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The Silph League Arena

Arena Update

Sep 22, 2022: 2022 Silph Arena World Championship Series

Four Continental Champions have emerged! Soon, they will face off against other top Arena competitors to see who truly stands at the pinnacle of the PvP world.

Thirty-two competitors have been invited to compete in the 2022 Silph Arena World Championship. Alongside our four Continental Champions, the remaining 28 seats will be filled by twelve of the top Continental competitors (by region and total number of competitors) and sixteen of the top ranking competitors on the Silph Arena Leaderboards from those same Continentals regions.


The 2022 World Championships will be made up of two individual phases. Here’s how it works:


To start, the 32 World Challengers will be split into groups of 8. They will battle in a Round-robin style bracket, with the top two Challengers from each group proceeding to the Finals. Battles will take place between Friday, September 30, and Thursday, October 13. The Challengers will have 14 days to complete all seven rounds of battles.

The meta for the Group Stage will rotate between rounds based on Cups from this Season.

  • Rounds 1, 2, and 3: Competitors will play Obsidian Cup. No Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Flying, and Ground types are permitted. Additional bans are Megas, Shadows, Bastiodon, Lickitung, Pachirisu, Vigoroth, Registeel, Lanturn, and Toxapex (Lanturn and Toxapex are new additions to the ban list).
  • Rounds 4 and 5: Competitors will play Glacial Cup. Only Dragon, Ice, Poison, Psychic, and Water typing are permitted. Competitors are not permitted to bring Megas, Altaria, Azumarill, Jellicent, Swampert, Deoxys Defense, Wobbuffet, Cresselia, Medicham, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandshrew, Lanturn, Gardevoir, Toxicroak, Alolan Sandslash, Sneasler, Regice, or Toxapex (Alolan Sandslah, Sneasler, Regice and Toxapex are new additions to the ban list).
  • Rounds 6 and 7: Competitors will battle in the Brawler Cup with teams of one Pokémon from each of the Bantamweight, Featherweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Cruiserweight, and Heavyweight classes. Charm is now banned from the Cup. Pokémon that have Charm, such as Slurpuff, can be run with a different Fast Attack, such as Fairy Wind. Sableye and Lanturn have been removed from Featherweight.
    The following Pokémon have been added to Brawler Cup-

    • Bantamweight: Dedenne
    • Featherweight: Florges, Togedemaru
    • Welterweight: Lycanroc Midnight, Girafarig, Dubwool, Hitmonlee
    • Middleweight: Lurantis, Miltank, Oranguru
    • Cruiserweight: No new additions
    • Heavyweight: Aurorus, Tyrantrum, Avalugg

The top two performing competitors from each group will continue on to the Double-elimination Finals on October 22nd!


On Saturday, October 22, the eight top placing Challengers will face off in a live-remote Double-elimination bracket to determine the 2022 World Champion! The Finals will be live-streamed on the Silph Arena Twitch channel and hosted by PvPSteve.

The World Championship Finals will feature a draft format and the meta will be announced in the coming weeks.


Not only will the winner of Double-elimination Finals be crowned the title of World Champion for Season 4, but they will also take home a cash prize. The top 3 placing competitors will receive:

1st place: $1,000 USD
2nd place: $200 USD
3rd place: $100 USD


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Azeyrox Bibiliciouss B0pper Zapa9
CLeondardo77 Reis2Occasion VaNNiii Stonecollection
Jaysfan55 Sandodou AashishS HotPoket777
Soyer98 Abhinav7998 NachoMalikBK Yerkoski
Maxy1000000P CrisRodgz27 Nickname29585 LyonsDen716
Nesabethan VroomVroomPow vTenacity Rhyblet
BenjaPRO0205 Shagunbohra Innerbloom94 FranzwithaZ
Jartavia xJoaoVictor2006 AllhuKaTV RogerChen40


Competitors will be automatically RSVPed to the Preliminary events. Check your Silph.gg notifications for details about the event through this next week, as well as how join the official Silph Arena Tournaments server so you can communicate with Arena staff and their opponents during the tournament. Be sure to read these messages carefully!

Get ready to witness PVP history! Who is your pick to become the 2022 Silph Arena World Champion? Be sure to tune in and cheer them on!

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