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Arena Update

May 12, 2023: 2023 Season Update

While we are all saddened by the news that The Silph Road is coming to an end, we are excited to confirm that the current Silph Arena 2023 Season will be completed! Wave 3 will proceed as scheduled and some adjustments will be made to the Championship dates, classification methods, and tournament formats in order to comply with the August 1st deadline.

Changes to Continental Championships

The following changes will be applied to the previously announced 2023 Season Path to the Championships:

  • No additional Battle Towers will be held. Classifications earned based on Battle Towers results will be honored but the remaining seats will be redistributed to the four World Regions.
  • Sweeping 7-round in-person tournaments and winning 8-rounds in-person tournaments will no longer award an invite to Continentals, effective immediately. 
  • Wildcard Tournaments will not be held.

National Leaderboards and Global Rank will be the remaining Continental Championships classification methods. Top national competitors from eligible leaderboards at the end of Wave 3 will be able to qualify to Continentals. National Leaderboard invites will cascade in the National Leaderboard, but competitors will only receive invites if they are Challenger rank or above. If there are no eligible Challenger-ranked competitors, invites will cascade to Global Rank. As a reminder:

  • Leaderboards where the top player is in the TRAINER, RIVAL, and CHALLENGER ranks WILL NOT GIVE ANY INVITATIONS.
  • Leaderboards where the top player is in the ACE rank will give one invitation to the TOP NATIONAL COMPETITOR.
  • Leaderboards where the top player is in the ELITE rank will give one invitation to the TOP TWO NATIONAL COMPETITORS.
  • Leaderboards where the top player is in the LEGEND rank will give one invitation to the TOP THREE NATIONAL COMPETITORS.

The Silph Arena Continental Championships will be held as live remote Swiss Tournaments on the weekend of July 15th-16th.

Changes to World Championships 

The 2023 World Championships will be held as a live remote Double Elimination tournament on the weekend of July 29th-30th. Sixteen competitors will be invited to compete and battle to be crowned the last Silph Arena World Champion. Alongside the four Continental Champions, the remaining twelve seats will be filled by the second and third best-positioned competitors from each Continental Championship, the Río de la Plata Battle Tower Champion, the Silph Arena Season 2021-2022 World Champion, and the #1 and #2 Global Rank competitors who did not qualify by any other means. 

To provide even more motivation for our competitors, we are thrilled to announce that cash prizes will be awarded to the top competitors of the 2023 World Championships! In addition, we can confirm that both the Continental Championships and the World Championships will share the same meta, giving competitors ample time to prepare and perfect their strategies. More information will be announced soon.

Final Words

The Arena Team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of our Competitors, Tournament Officials, casters and content creators, spectators, and the entire PvP Community for being an integral part of this incredible path we have shared. Together, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in Pokémon GO PvP and have created a legacy that will endure for years to come. As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue building on this legacy with the 2023 Season Championships! Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you for being a part of this unforgettable journey.

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