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Arena Update

Jun 12, 2019: Chicago Here We Come!

Get ready to rumble – the Arena is heading to Chicago! Hosting the North American Championships is no small undertaking, but the world deserves to know who really is the very best. So it’s time for the highest-level challenge in competitive PvP play – and it’s gonna be glorious!

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re heading to Chicago (either as a competitor or spectator)!

Friday 7:30pm – Open Qualifier Tournaments (Space Limited!)

94 elite competitors have been invited to compete in the North American Championships after conquering their local Regions around the continent. But there is one more chance to net an invite to this exclusive group: the Open Qualifier!

On Friday evening, at several outdoor locations around Grant Park, the Arena will be hosting special tournaments (under Rainbow Cup rules) that will offer an additional weighted Cup for the month of June and, more importantly, a chance to compete in the Championships.

RSVP – Space is limited!

After our initial venue for the Open fell through, the Arena has opted to host multiple tournaments in the parks adjacent to Grant. Notably, due to Chicago Parks’ permitting restrictions, the Arena cannot gather in groups larger than 50 persons. So here’s what competitors need to know:

  • 5 Open Qualifier tournaments will be held on Friday, June 14th at 7:30pm
  • Each tournament will have 45 participants (6 rounds!) and will take place in different locations near Grant Park
  • RSVP’s are required (and are now open) and will go quick! After the 45 spots are filled, you will be placed on a waitlist. No-show’s will be removed and the next on the waitlist will be permitted to check-in.
  • Qualifiers follow Rainbow Cup’s rules and will weight rank effects similarly to a Cup’s (but will not count as your weighted Rainbow for the month).
  • The winners of each Qualifier will face off in a knockout round Saturday morning at 10:30am to determine who will receive the wildcard spot(s) for the North American Championships that night.
  • The locations of the 5 Qualifiers are: Peanut ParkThe Great Ivy LawnAgoraQueen’s Landing, and Maggie Daley Park.
  • Additional locations may be announced if demand is extraordinarily high – stay tuned for more information.
  • UPDATE: Seven new tournament locations have been added, 5 of which have new time slots! RSVPs are open for: Wrigley Square, Climbing Earth, Peanut Park (Thursday), Maggie Daley Park (Thursday), Maggie Daley Park (Fri Afternoon), Queen’s Landing (Fri Afternoon), and The Great Ivy Lawn (Fri Afternoon).

Open Qualifiers Schedule:

  • Friday 7:20pm: Tournament Organizers will open check-ins and shout out the Join Code. (Code will only work for the first 45 people RSVP’d)
  • Friday 7:30pm: the Organizers will take a “Last Call.” No-shows will be removed from the tournament. The next person(s) on the waitlist will automatically be moved up and can then enter the check-in code successfully.
  • The tournament will begin once all 45 slots are filled
  • Conclusion: A single winner must be declared at the end of the tournament! In the event of a tie, the Tournament Organizers will follow special Tie Breaker Procedures to declare the winner.
  • Saturday 10:30am: The Winner from each tournament will compete in a knock-out round to determine recipients of Wildcard Invite(s).

The stakes are high and the competition will be fierce, so RSVP quick, prepare yourself, and bring your A-game!

Saturday 5:30pm – N. American Championships Group Round (Competitors Only)

The following 94 competitors and the winners of the Wildcard Knockout round are invited to compete in the Championships and will be emailed competitor information later today. Here is the final list of invited competitors. Find your Region Representative and let them know you’re counting on them to represent you well!

Competitor Region
000oooXooo000 Tampa Bay
0oPREZo0 Chicagoland
19ZacAttack96 California Southland
1BeanMachine1 Rhode Island
AceLeaderSky04 California Southland
AdmirralAckbar Chicagoland
ArtfulAngler North Texas
BenCognito Memphis, TN
BonechipAK Alaska
C9Gotem Omaha, NB
CalebPeng Atlanta
Choostemaster NYC
Conno7 Seattle
CytochromeT Indianapolis
datboiMuk Southeast Virginia
DB294 Vermont
DefiantClutchPB Winnipeg
demha89 United Arab Emirates
denfelko NYC
DjJoshyB Las Vegas
DMasterLance Oklahoma City
DocJordock Paris, France
doctordoak1 Connecticut
DrPoverty Colorado
EAEM3236 República Dominicana
EkkonomicaI Baltimore and DC
EliteStatus Ventura County, California
Flyeagles011 Central Virginia
framptypants Utah
GolBatman69 Maine
guan87 Montréal
GymLeadrBryan Kamloops
HouseStark93 Philadelphia
ImYourPapi93 North Kansas City
JimmaBanks Ann Arbor
JMC3Terp Pittsburgh
Joeybrahhh California Southland
JorgeMCelis Mexico
JSteele2828 Syracuse, NY
Kanan619 Tulsa
Kelevra06 San Diego
Klothgar South Carolina
kltd32 St. Louis
KoroshiyaKi Hawaii
Kremasppapi East Central Florida
KyleNgai Hong Kong
LazerBrian Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
Lazerdollarzz Iowa City
leewilson32 Cleveland
LordTenzo South Arizona
MadScandalous Phoenix Metro Area
Malek16 Kansas City
MasterShucker16 Central Gulf Coast
MattSuar Miami
MattyIce11201 Massachusetts
Murker88 Charlotte, NC
NewArchaic Toronto
OrhoChris Cincinnai
PeaceLoveHugs Houston, TX
pokequilibrium Orlando, FL
RamblinMan2335 Savannah
RangerMimikyu Metro Manila
Ravage723 Fort Wayne
rebeloperations Grand Rapids
RKH888 Edmonton
Shad0wJJ Orlando
Sharkey628 Oklahoma City
Shmuseph Brisbane, QLD
SimplyMoxie Eastern Ontario
SirAmogh Raleigh, NC
SirJamesM Saskatchewan
SloppyManhole Idaho
SnipeHunter76 Northern Nevada
Swaggron333yt Santiago
SymeonSmiley Northern Midwest
ThaFundraiser Sacramento
ThatJedi West Texas
TheLegend4 Jacksonville, FL
ThePieceOfBread North Dakota
TheRedWarden Panamá
TheSleeepyPanda Central California
Threeliters Baltimore and DC
TKAxGobstopper Northern Arizona
Toshi9227 Toronto
TrainerAJG San Francisco Bay Area
TXRangersFan South Texas
UnknownVir Portland, OR
Va1arMorghulis1 Tacoma
ValorAsh Austin, TX
VicThor66 Central Texas
WildSusanBoyle Vancouver BC
x3TheGOAT3x Vancouver Island
YrnQ Columbus

Saturday 9:30pm – N. American Championships Finals (Party Time!)

The 8 finalists who survive their Group Stage and the subsequent knockout round(s) will face off at 9:30pm Saturday night at the Silph Road after-party at Lucky Strike! While pre-sale tickets are already sold out to the venue, we’ll be accepting walk-ins (until the venue shuts us down!) for $25/ticket. (Tickets include attendance at the Finals, a drink ticket, a $10 game card to FTW (a great arcade), and a slice of pizza!)

Come join us at Lucky Strike 10 blocks north of Grant Park! Doors open at 9pm. Address: 322 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611

And if you can’t make it in-person, tune in live at 9:15pm Central US time for the live-stream hosted by some familiar faces (TTips, Kieng, and Zyonik) on the Arena’s official Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/silphleague


This is going to be epic. Btw, the title isn’t lying – there really will be a big, glorious Champions Cup – and conquering a Season Championships really will get your name and region engraved for posterity as one of the Arena’s World Champions. Talk about pressure! Hall of fame, here they come.

It’s been a heck of a journey getting all the moving pieces together on the fly this inaugural season (especially with GO Fest a month earlier than anticipated). We’re grateful to everyone who’s had patience with the bumps in the road and persisted in helping us chase the grand vision of world-wide competitive PvP. The Arena grew 14% last month (woot!) – and it keeps getting better.

This weekend will be tough for the competitors – but for them and all the rest of us, let’s just have a blast!

Be sure to say hi and (please!) come tell us about the scene in your area – and share any ideas you have for Season 2! Come hang out and let’s enjoy what we’ve all built together. Every single local tournament organizer and competitor should be proud of what we as a community have come together to create. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but frankly the scale of the Arena and the quality of these competitors is amazing. Can’t wait to crown our very first Champion.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

See you in Chicago!

– The Arena Team –

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