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Sep 23, 2022: FSPN - NA - Bout 3 Cycle 2 Season 2

Author: MJGettit

Let’s… Try This Again, Shall We?

Ok, so if you’re still itching for last week’s FSPN, here’s the link to it. We’re gonna keep this short because I have a lot to get to this week. If you see this on Silph, YAY! If not… We’ll try again next week (stupid link!)



Oh Musubi, Froswraths, OKC Shell Smashers, & Peterborough Doofs tired of me just talking about the Open 6? Well show out then! Make them work!

“The only outcome in the ETMS-Muddy Water match that would be surprising is an ETMS blowout win.” *ETMS up 12-3 after my CDA class last Saturday*…getting NEB flashbacks here…

I have conflicting feelings: POGO Raiders won which means my Upset Alert was accurate, but I also had SoCal Swablu Blue going undefeated…


Faction That Will Undoubtedly Win Their Match: HOMESLICEHOMIES (Looking like a rebound week for the Homies.)

Faction on Upset Alert: Elite TMS (Hell might as well bet against them HERE, again! Last two times they won a bout by 11+ points, they’re 1-1.)

Faction On The Rise: Sw1tchmstrz (Can you tell they’re still pissed about being double relegated on the last week of the last cycle?)

Faction On The Slide: HV Pogo Dojo (Umm… now I’m not saying that the losses were a fluke. But A) no Kazizil in both bouts hurts and more importantly B) position management really hurt them vs Team OMEGALUL and OMEGA exploited the everlasting f*** out of it.) 



EMERALD: Chicago Stars (1-1, 19-23) vs PoGoats (2-0, 26-16)

Ok, so Chicago is at an impasse; two winless teams are facing each other this week so a loss here means they’re staring (at best) 8th place in Emerald. Their opponent is PoGoats, which prior to the season was an opponent I wanted to see them play. But what makes this match even more interesting? They’re going up against Pocket for the first time since S1C3. While I do still pine for the days when I could go on and on about Marillanders v Chicago, PoGoats offer a different set of challenges. MyPikaBestPika, Wdage, and Llsemii all can blow up for a 3-0 or implode for an 0-3 if expected to get a point, and SaadMunir, riding a 5 bout winning streak, also has some experience with facing Chicago. That being said, PoGoats are on an 8 bout winning streak… and they’re playing a faction… that’s known to bust streaks… But even then, Chicago is in a slightly tight spot with PoGoats.

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: TeddybearXD (Evanstonks) vs Jaysfan55 (Icy Wind), Burnobus (Chicago Stars) vs SaadMunir (PoGoats), Kreasor (Final Boss) vs Toshi9227 (Stadium Elite), Auburnnnn (Cool Cats) vs LaprasLogan0 (The Body Slammers), ShinyDialga45 (Ann Arbor Arbok) vs Rhyblet (Wing Attack) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – SCHAPOCALYPSE (Chicago Stars) vs Hafuducdt (PoGoats)


DIAMOND: TNT Flingulls (0-2, 18-24) vs Canadian Shieldon (2-0, 24-18) 

But hey… at least Chicago knows how to beat a faction that has HotPoket on it. They’re not in as dire straits like TNT Flingulls. Yes I said TNT completed their redemption story by making it to Diamond, but I’m pretty sure they would want to stay up here for more than one cycle. Their issue is that they’ve a refreshed & refocused Canadian Shieldon looking at them this week, and that’s before we talk about the two scoring juggernauts (one expected, one not so much without striking a nerve) coming their way in Bouts 5 & 6. No one can (and shouldn’t) blame Canadian Shieldon for being relegated from Emerald last cycle. After their World Championships run it did feel like they, more than any other team, needed rest. Now in Diamond, their Field Specialists have gone undefeated, sporting an 8-0, 17-7 record. It’s a tall task to ask TNT’s Field Specialists, who are 4-4, 10-14 (a lot of F & T sounds there) to hold C-Shield to less than 5 points, but they may have to if they want to win. Just like in Chicago’s case, two winless factions clash elsewhere this week. With a win, TNT could jump as high as 5th place. A loss, however, puts them behind the field for safety and near the head of the line for relegation…

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: JayRobbinStacks (kkPVPFactions) vs PokeBalln (Backstage Battlers), DerpFicus (TNT Flingulls) vs DubsOE (Canadian Shieldon), MicGrandinetti (HV Pogo Dojo) vs JBrandse (Deoxys Alberta Forme), Sjamesp21 (Elite TMS) vs Queenofthecutie (SoCal Swablu Gold), Deermountaineer (Muddy Water) vs FrostyAcy (Team OMEGALUL) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – Swampyert (Elite TMS) vs Zapa9 (SoCal Swablu Gold) 


PLATINUM: Dubz 4 Cheap (0-2, 18-24) vs Hammer Heads (2-0, 22-20)

But I mean… At least TNT Flingulls, if relegation happens, only drops one tier AND you could say they catch a reprieve before ETMS & OMEGA hits. Dubz 4 Cheap is ONE POINT AWAY from that double relegation spot AND have a tough five bout stretch ahead of them that starts with Hammer Heads this week. The slow start is nothing new to D4C. However, the Bout 1 loss to Bad Mews made their 4th straight Bout 2 loss sting a little more. In their bout against Hammer Heads, it’s guaranteed to be close. Eight of D4C’s last ten bouts have been one score games, but Hammer Heads have won eight straight 11-10 bouts. D4C’s backs are up against the wall. Another loss and promotion could be out of reach while double relegation inches closer and closer. But if they want some hope, last cycle (in the same tier no less) C-U Later started 0-2 before just missing promotion. 

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: Stodds92 (Team MichiGengar) vs TheC2U (Phoenix Rising), OGPlayerOne (AquaTail HungerForce) vs Papacrn (DOJO Squad), MJGettit (Dubz 4 Cheap) vs NewArchaic (Hammer Heads), HaydonusActual (Bad Mews) vs Trashua2 (C-U Later), ElCalvisimo (North East Battlers) vs KindaCuteTho (PA Perrserkers) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – Lawsoncody22 (Team MichiGengar) vs Evan777713 (Phoenix Rising)


GOLD: Lucky Muks (2-0, 27-15) vs iCarly Fan Club (2-0, 21-19)

…And if relegation is to happen to Dubz 4 Cheap, there are two teams in Gold ready to pounce on the opportunity, and both were looking like the early cycle favorites to snag two of the three promotion spots. Lucky Muks is without question a Platinum-caliber faction (really goes to show how deep at the top Silver was last cycle) with the highest ranked player in the tier on their squad. iCarly may not have the highest ranked player, but they do have a cornucopia of talent on their squad that’s come along in their last 5 bouts. The addition of H1tuh4rd3 and the resurgence of 317 & Ninja have bolstered them to some wins as of late. But with the firepower that Lucky Muks have and the quickness they’ve put other factions down with in this cycle alone, Slitter, Eevee2e, & Drumsonor will need to be focused so that this bout isn’t looking D-U-N done after three battles.

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: Waterbug8 (NEB: Udder Madness) vs Sezuji (The Orlando Faction), DJEntaprize (Blouses PVP) vs Jimb0Slice392 (Play Rough Riders), MynameisShazam (Lucky Muks) vs H1tuh4rd3 (iCarly Fan Club), ThreeFloyds (Hoosier Daddies) vs dadinsideandout (The Great Unown), Jamiefin1415 (HOMESLICEHOMIES) vs MaroonVi (Eastcalibur)

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – Cornucopolis (Lucky Muks) vs 3174375355 (iCarly Fan Club) 


SILVER: Ohio Nation (2-0, 33-19) vs Ghostpepper Dunspice (0-2, 14-25)

Oooh a first time meeting! Now, is it safe to boost up Ohio Nation? While their Open Leagues still leave some wins on the table, the field has stepped their game up. Could it be they’re just used to tough comp in the field and the sweatiness of The Shadow Ballers & Gong Rippers was just something they’re used to? Maybe. But now they have a faction that is, or should be, used to the heat that Silver tier and above factions come with in battles. Ghostpepper was in the thick of the Silver Tier’s promotion race last cycle. But since their last win, they’ve lost a lot of that spicy heat they had in Season 1, going 0-6-1 in their last seven bouts. Their last two losses in particular have seen them start from behind on the jump. They need to get their act together quickly, as they’re sitting in last place as of the start of Bout 3.

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: B0pper (TexasPVP) vs Algernone25 (Decidueye Dynasty), Scottsec (‘N Synchroniose) vs TrainerPonce248 (Scizor Me Timburrs), PeaceLoveHugs (The Shadow Ballers) vs AlphaFeeb (Helmet Heroes), KhaleesiFitz (Ohio Nation) vs Yamlet (Ghostpepper Dunspice), G33K5QU4D (Gong Rippers) vs Willd822 (Weekend At Burmy’s) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – 2quails (TexasPVP) vs KPine28 (Decidueye Dynasty)… STREAM THIS!!


BRONZE: POGO Raiders (2-0, 22-20) vs Busta Mime (0-2, 12-30)

Is it safe to have faith in POGO Raiders yet? Like don’t get me wrong, them winning last week and the way they did does neutralize my ETMS/Muddy Water analysis, but… No seriously, is it safe to have faith in POGO Raiders?! Stay with me as I work this out; they have the lowest w/l ratio in Bronze, was literally saved from double relegation in part due to a tie (A TIE!?!?), and since their relegation in S1C2 up until now they’ve only shown fleeting glimpses of goodness. BUT Tac0cl0wn & Luiskarel24 have been the best & most consistent part of the faction’s history. Then couple that with a STEAL of a pickup from free agency in Leewilson32, and the return of GallarMT and yeah… It may be time to have faith in POGO Raiders. Well that faith is going to be tested against Busta Mine. Don’t be fooled by Busta Mime’s record, though. They’re a faction that has no problem pulling off the upset this week and ruining my newfound faith in POGO Raiders. But I don’t think the upset will happen this week. 

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: jdsmith96 (Dojo Kkomrades) vs Ziffy93 (Beamin and Screamin), AceTwinToWin (The Thunderdome) vs v1thu7 (SeaKingPin), Dinoxen (BC Orlando) vs J1gglyDad (Swellsprouts), DaKing753 (POGO Raiders) vs DUFISHY (Busta Mime), RcCola95 (SoCal Swablu Blue) vs NMas0n (NM PVP)

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – Tac0cl0wn (POGO Raiders) vs MarkQW1 (Busta Mime)


COPPER: Team BTW (2-0, 32-10) vs FletchinDErella Story (2-0, 27-15)

I really, really, REALLY try not to write about the same faction in back to back weeks, but this is just too good of a match not to write about. Team BTW potentially could face two unbeatens in two weeks, but they have FletchinDErella flying in hot this week. Everyone should be watching the Primeval field in this bout. Both factions come in undefeated in that particular field. But if we want to be honest, FletchinDErella must (and I mean MUST) keep it close until closing time; if they can steal a win in Timeless, Sorcerous, & Celestial they stand a good chance at stopping BTW’s momentum. As for BTW, they’ve been on a tear since their last loss, scoring 14 or more points in seven of their last eight bouts. A thing to note is that both factions can get their battles done in a hurry, so don’t be surprised if there’s already a winner before this article comes out.

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: MusicalPikmin (Testudo Skillz) vs TheBigKakuna86 (OSMO PVP), DruncleZappy (Silph League SA) vs 95thReaper (Utah Pokemon Rangers), GiraTinaBelcher (7 Deadly Simps) vs pkMNJackson (Wu Tangela Clan), Toberr (The Spice Is Right) vs Olrack (Sw1tchmstrz), RanPastTents (FletchinDErella Story) vs Blindflip (Team BTW) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – PokeDaddyYuey (FletchinDErella Story) vs MiamiDoc (Team BTW)


IRON: Rock Paper Slark (2-0, 31-11) vs Spheal Team 6 (2-0, 29-11); MATCH OF THE BOUT

Last week both factions were caught lacking & looking ahead to each other, but recovered in their own way. Spheal Team 6 was able to take control of their match thanks to a 3-0 from Calum, while Rock Paper Slark went on an 8-1 run after being tied 6-6 against Peterborough Doofs. Rock Paper Slark dominated the last time these two factions faced each other, winning 16-4. What could be different about this match is how the Master League match plays out. Bruetschle scored a 3-0 last time against CFNButters626, but this time for ST6 FeelingThisOne steps in to battle, while Butters faces another RPS member that scored a 3-0 in the last meeting in PhoenixCrystal7. Both of these matchups should be critical to who ends up winning, but the Great League match between Snacktimex & Calum0973 also is pretty noteworthy too. RPS is 10-1 so far in their factions journey, and the only factions to have a better record through the first 11 bouts in NA history are Marrilanders PVP and Hammer Heads (both 11-0). They’re chasing history. ST6 is looking to make some history of their own at RPS’ expense. 

Five Key Battles To Keep An Eye On: Evielee133 (Musubi) vs Akegag (Mighty Thunderducks), PhoenixCrystal7 (Rock Paper Slark) vs CFNButters626 (Spheal Team 6), DctrBanner (BraveNerds PVP) vs TioOli (OKC Shell Smashers), Jesseteacher (Froswraths) vs WarLordBacon (Peterborough Doofs), 610Hero (Mazer Gaming Academy) vs DaleToonArmy (Sharks & Recreation) 

MAIN EVENT BATTLE – Bruetschle (Rock Paper Slark) vs FeelingThisOne (Spheal Team 6)


Hit me up on Twitter at MJGettit, and stay tuned for more FSPN coverage. Also check out the other conferences FSPN articles by Jolt019 (LATAM), JBQ712 (EMEA), & Menomorphus (APAC). It’s a good day to have a good day.

The opinions and predictions in these articles are of the author alone and not endorsed by the Arena, we love all of our children equally and couldn’t possibly pick favorites.

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