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Jan 5, 2021: January Move Rebalance and GO Battle League Update

There’s no better way to start the new year than with a PvP moveset rebalance! We’ve reached the halfway point of GO Battle League Season 6, and Niantic has just released a large set of move updates and moveset additions that will go into effect on Monday, January 11th 2021. Let’s jump right in!

1. Updates to Existing Moves

  • Ember will deal more damage, which is great for Fire-types! A strong Fire-type Fast Move will be a boon for K-Ninetales, Sunny Castform, and more.
  • Karate Chop will generate more energy, giving another viable Fast Move choice for Fighting-types.
  • Bubble will deal less damage. Azumarill, Mantine, and others will be hurt by this, and it could potentially shake up the Great League meta!
  • Razor Leaf will deal less damage. Has the Razor Leaf dominance ended? Shadow Victreebel and other Grass-types lament at this change.
  • Crabhammer will deal more damage.
  • Sky Attack will deal less damage. Skarmory and Altaria may be less of a threat with this nerf.
  • Rock Slide will deal less damage. G-Stunfisk, Melmetal, and more are less threatening with this nerf. Machamp also loses some coverage against its counters.
  • Shadow Bone will deal less damage. This hurts A-Marowak, but it still has a strong Ghost-type move in Shadow Ball.

2. Moveset Updates

Vulpix and Ninetales (Kanto)
Fire-type Weather Ball
Originally meant to be a Community Day move, Fire-type Weather ball is a solid and spammy Charged attack that will benefit K-Ninetales a lot.

Vulpix and Ninetales (Alola)
Ice-type Weather Ball
Another potential Community Day move, having a fast charging STAB move will be great for A-Ninetales.

Water-type Weather Ball
A fast charging alternative to Surf could be a boon for Politoed.

Ice Punch
Ice punch gives some interesting coverage to Primeape, plus the buffed Karate Chop could make it a strong Fighting-type!

Ice Beam
Shadow Ball

Two new Charged-moves could put Claydol on the map! It now has a wide variety of moves in its pool, who knows what could be thrown at you!

Tri Attack
Porygon-2 now gets access to it’s Community Day move. Will this help it move up in the rankings?

Mud Shot
The faster energy gain of Mud Shot should help Excadrill out in both Great and Ultra League.

This much needed rebalance could shake up the meta in all Leagues in very exciting ways! Will any top Pokémon fall in the rankings, and who will take their place? We’re heading into the second half of the Arena PvP Season and GO Battle League Season 6, with many new Cups and metas coming your way! Stay safe and battle hard!

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