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Dec 9, 2022: Waves and Rounds: Updates to the Rank System Explained

This next Season in The Silph Arena there will be a new approach to monthly Cups regarding competitor rank. Starting in January, the competitive season will feature “Waves,” two-month long periods to give competitors flexibility about how and when they compete. There will be three Waves in the season before the Championship Series begins (details on the Season Roadmap will be available soon). Each month within a Wave will have unique Cups and metas to keep tournaments interesting and challenging.

Waves and Ranking

For the new Season, ranking will be counted by rounds rather than full tournaments. Each Wave, competitors will be allotted 40 tournament rounds to count towards ranking. The previous 10x, 2x, etc. monthly weighting will no longer be in effect. All 40 ranked rounds will contribute to competitor rank equally in Round-robin or Swiss bracket types. Any play in tournaments that exceeds a competitor’s first 40 rounds will not impact rank. Competitors can choose to concentrate all ranked rounds in the first month of a Wave, or spread them over the full two month Wave. This is intended to give competitors more flexibility with time constraints, the freedom to choose which Cups they will compete in, and lessen the rank disparities between small & large round tournaments.

Rounds are counted as “used” chronologically based on when the tournament begins. The moment a tournament begins and the number of rounds are determined, that number of rounds will be considered “used” from your total that Wave. The one exception is that “byes” will not be counted as a used round, and will not impact rank. If a tournament has more rounds than the number remaining in your allocation for the Wave, rounds will count until the limit is reached. There is no penalty for doing extra rounds or extra tournaments.

Tracking Rounds

Competitors are responsible for keeping track of their rounds. Competitors can check current and upcoming tournaments on Silph.gg, or on their Travelers Cards (for example, https://sil.ph/dronpes) to see the details of concluded tournaments.

Leaving a Tournament Early

If a competitor withdraws or is removed from a tournament before all the rounds are completed, all played rounds will still impact rank. Rounds that take place after withdrawing will not impact rank, but they will still count towards the 40 round allocation for the Wave. For example if a competitor drops from a five round tournament after the third round, they will have used 5 of the 40 round allowance for the Wave.

Canceled and Concluded Tournaments

If a tournament is canceled before the first round is generated, then no rounds will be taken from the competitors registered.

If a tournament is concluded before all rounds are played and reported, or is not concluded before its eligible timeframe, it becomes an unranked tournament, and none of the rounds (played or not) will count towards rank or your allotment for that Wave. 

With these updates, the Arena aims to alleviate the pressure throughout the long competitive season and diversify the types of tournaments hosted and that competitors choose to compete in. You can read about all the ranked tournament details in the Guide To Rank.

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