The World Legends Tournament Series

A new type of challenge is popping up around the world – and legends are being made! Will you be able to conquer a Battle Tower and become one of the strongest competitors in the world?

2023 World Legends Tournaments

New events will continue to be announced, so keep an eye out and check back soon!

Champion’s Trophy Competitor Badge
Buenos Aires Battle Tower
Rio de la Plata Region
March 25th, 2023

What is the World Legends Tournament Series?

The World Legends Tournament Series highlights some of the largest and most epic PvP tournaments in the world. These huge PvP events, called Battle Towers, are open to all. Battle Tower events are held in many regions of the world each Season and are hosted and run by local communities in cooperation with the Silph Arena. Special prizes and exclusive collectibles are available at Battle Towers for all competitors – but especially for the Tower Champion!

Battle Tower Events

Attending a Battle Tower tournament has unique benefits that differ from a normal Cup. These include:

  • Travelers Card Badge – Each Battle Tower will have its own Badge – unique to the Region of the Tower. You only get one opportunity to earn that Region’s badge each season, and it is very difficult to collect more than one. Every competitor who enters will receive this badge!
  • Alluring Rank Opportunity – Battle Tower tournaments are large events (all of which will have at least 7 tournament rounds) and provide a big opportunity to boost your rank against highly skilled competitors, many of which have traveled long distances to attend!
  • Champion Perks – There will only be one Tower Champion at each event (so tiebreakers must be employed in the event of a tie!), but conquering a Battle Tower offers significant perks:
    • Winners earn the title of Tower Champion and are permanently recorded in the Arena’s Hall of Champions!
    • Each Tower Champion will receive a seat at the current Season’s World Championships!
      • The 2nd-9th place finishers will qualify for the current Season’s Continental Championships (region based on the competitor’s location).
    • In addition to the Travelers Card Badge, the Champion of each Battle Tower will receive an exclusive Trophy Badge with an obsidian border in their Trophy Case. Only one of these trophies is awarded each Season!
    • And any additional prizes the host provides – often supplemented by the Arena itself!

Due to their massive attendance numbers, some Battle Tower events may operate differently than standard Arena tournaments – including having specialized tiebreaking procedures, competitor cover charges (when authorized), or other logistical differences that Arena competitors may not be used to.

How Can Our Community Host?

The Silph Arena will be holding Battle Tower events all around the world each Season, so we will need strong communities in every region to help host! In general, we are looking for:

  • Regions that have not had a Battle Tower yet
  • Large tournaments that will have at least 7 rounds
  • Central areas that are reasonably easy for competitors to travel to
  • A proven ability to host large tournaments and events

In the 2023 Season, the Arena will be approaching communities with this opportunity, but we will have a host application for interested groups in the future!

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